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On the Double: L’Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Color Presso Lipgloss



As soon as I looked at the two-in-one packaging for the new L'Oréal Paris HIP High Intensity Pigments Color Presso glosses, I understood what inspired the release. Ever been to a frozen yogurt spot (or any type of ice cream shop with soft-serve) and seen those machines that have chocolate-flavored ice cream on one side and vanilla on the other? And haven't you ever craved the vanilla-chocolate swirl? Well, the same concept applies here.

Once you remove the cap, you'll see a spout with two perforations, each perfectly aligned with one of the two lip gloss hues housed in the pod-like case. If you only wish to wear one color, all you have to do is squeeze the tube pertaining to that color (for best results, squeeze along the middle) — but, if you want to mix it up, you can press both sides simultaneously and get your own lip gloss swirl color.  Cool concept, right?

The color combos are fun and clever — with one more neutral shade accompanying a jazzier, funkier hue (and, of course, the two always go well together like, say, vanilla and chocolate…Okay, I'm running the reference into the ground but you catch my drift!). I particularly love the "Trendy" color combination (pictured second from top), which includes a deeper rose zircon shade and a soft, iridescent, golden pink hue.

My only gripe about this product is the packaging — though it looks sleek and futuristic, it's incredibly hard to open (it literally took me almost 10 minutes to take the cap off!). I was seriously wondering whether the Color Presso had some childproof lock of which I was unaware. So consider yourself forewarned — the packaging is, in fact, rather inconvenient.

But, once you manage to open your Color Presso tube, you will be pleased with the blendable shades and the non-sticky consistency of the gloss.

L'Oréal Paris HIP High Intensity Pigments Color Presso, $13 each. Visit LOrealParisUSA.com for more info. Available at major drugstores and mass retailers.

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