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Prize On the Eyes: Shu Uemura’s “Tokyo Lash Bar: Lashes in Nature”






Remember when admitting that you wore faux eyelashes was as taboo as copping to hair extensions (also no longer taboo)? Well, nowadays, we don’t just cop to wearing eye falsies — we actually flaunt them! We want our faux eyelashes to bob and weave like professional boxers, to sparkle like icicles on a Christmas tree, and to stretch on like boundless country roads. The new generation of premium eyelashes doubles as wearable art — and no beauty brand has manifested this concept as beautifully as Shu Uemura.

This month, Shu Uemura unveiled its 2009 Tokyo Lash Bar collection, “Lashes in Nature,” which features bold, edgy, colorful designs inspired by snowfalls, ocean waves, delicate flowers, lush forests, and other phenomena found in nature.  The avant-garde collection includes nine fabulous designs divided into four main themes: “Great Marine,” designed by International Chief Makeup Artist Yuji Asano, featuring designs inspired by ocean waves; “Flower Garden – Star Collection,” an array of designs inspired by peony and lavender bouquets, which was developed by Shu Uemura Artistic Director Gina Brooke; “Deep Forest,” created by International Artistic Director Kakuyasu Uchiide, which pays homage to the magnificent detailing found in leaves; and “Celestial Horizon” by Mina Matsumura, Artistic Director in Europe, which draws from such sky-related visions a snowfalls, starlight and rainbow arcs.

Pictured above are some of the breathtaking lashes in the collection. At the very top, you’ll find Yuji Asano’s “Marine Tide” design, which curls so as to resemble a tidal wave at its breaking point. Featuring various blue and white hues, this set of lashes mimics the colors you’d find in the sea — from the darker blue you’d find in deeper oceanic regions to the turquoise colors you’d spot closer to the shore, to the white foam you’d see as waves crashed against sand. Second from top, you’ll see Kakuyasu’s “Goldglam Leaf” design, which was made from real skeleton leaves dipped in gold for a shimmering, magical feel, and embellished with crystals meant to resemble fresh dew drops. Next, you’ll catch a glimpse of Mina Matsumura’s “Snow Twist” lashes, made using thin white wires and frosted pink teardrop crystals, which act as a snowy blanket atop your natural lashes.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative that’s still funky, you can check out Matsumura’s “Lucent Rainbow” lashes, which are crafted out of looped, translucent colored wires that create a fun rainbow effect. Or, for just a bit of sass, decorate the outer corners of your eyes with the indigo blue “Mini Stardust” accent lashes, which feature small star motifs.

Whether you’re an Earth, Air, Fire or Water sign, you’ll want to move mountains, cross oceans and walk through burning fires to get your hands on these nature-inspired beauties!

Shu Uemura 2009 Tokyo Lash Bar designs pictured: Marine Tide (Premium Edition), $79; Goldglam Leaf (Premium Edition), $79;  Snow Twist (Premium Edition), $79; Lucent Rainbow (Statement Piece), $27; Mini Stardust (Accent), $22. Available at ShuUemura-USA.com

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