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Into the Wild: MAC Cosmetics “Style Warrior” Collection

Guiding us through a colorful safari, MAC Cosmetics’ new “Style Warrior” collection celebrates the ancient art of face painting practiced by the Samburu and Kikuyu tribes in Kenya, the Bobo people of Burkina Faso, the Tiwi people of Australia and countless other Native American, African and Asian tribes. Since many ancient civilizations utilized face paint before battle, the collection zooms in on that “warrior” element, wanting to reinforce the idea that these hues are meant for the brave and uninhibited.

Bronze, gold and copper hues dominate the collection (which is part of what makes it so perfect for the summertime when we yearn for golden skin, flushed cheeks and shimmering lips), but there are also captivating, statement-making shades like bright yellows, orchid purples, magenta violets, blackberry reds, and deep chocolate browns. The packaging, meanwhile, is refreshingly original — gold compacts and tubes are emblazoned with silver tribal designs, and leopard and zebra prints can be found along the lipstick tubes and lipgloss tops.

Featured below are some of the collection’s highlights. I included swatches for some of the hues, so you could see what they look like on the skin, but of course, do keep in mind that this will vary depending on your own skin tone. Maybe you, too, will see why this collection made me feel like, “I am a woman — hear me roar!”


MAC Cosmetics “Purple Rite” Lipstick, $14. Visit MACcosmetics.com


As you can tell from the swatch above, the color isn’t quite as dark as you might expect when you first see it in solid form, but it is a beautiful, shimmering purple with a pinkish undertone.

MAC Cosmetics “Brave New Bronze” Lipstick, $14.Visit MACcosmetics.com


Again, the swatch above should help you get a better grasp on what the color looks like on skin (though, of course, it’ll vary depending on your skin tone). Though it has the term bronze” in its name, this lipstick is more of a pink nude color, with just a hint of bronze in it. It’s the type of lipstick you’d wear on an everyday basis, when you want a natural, subdued look.


MAC Cosmetics “Liberated” Lipglass, $14. Visit MACcosmetics.com


I absolutely love this color. Though “Liberated” looks yellow in the container, you won’t look like you gobbled up Tweety Bird when you apply it on, as the color is actually more of an iridescent, sunny gold.



MAC Cosmetics “Fierce & Fabulous” Lipglass, $14.Visit MACcosmetics.com

Though it may look a lot like the Purple Rite lipstick the Fierce & Fabulous lip gloss is actually a brighter purple with more of a magenta base. Because it’s a sheer gloss, the color doesn’t seem too bold when applied on lips, so it’s perfect for those who want to experiment with a bolder hue but aren’t ready to go all the way. Hey, you gotta take baby steps, right? (Okay, I just remembered that “baby step” scene in What About Bob? and laughed to myself!)

MAC Cosmetics “Soft Force” Eye Shadow, $14.50. Visit MACcosmetics.com

I didn’t get a chance to swatch this one for you ladies (sorry, my dears!) but the color appears to be a pale gold with plenty of sparkle.

MAC Cosmetics “Vibrant Grape” Eye Shadow, $14.50. Visit MACcosmetics.com


This is by far one of my favorite items in the collection. The “Vibrant Grape” eyeshadow isn’t for the faint of heart since it’s a no-holds-barred magenta purple, but if you’re the adventurous type, you’ll revel in this one!

MAC Cosmetics “Bright Future” Eye Shadow, $14.50


Another one of my faves, the “Bright Future” eye shadow is a frosty yellow that packs a mean punch. Oftentimes, makeup brands shy away from yellows, going darker into the gold/brown spectrum or taking the opposite approach and retreating into pastel territory, but MAC gets it just right with this bright but classy shade.


MAC Cosmetics “Solar Riche” Bronzing Powder, $21. Visit MACcosmetics.com

I have yet to be disappointed by one of MAC’s bronzing powders and this one, with its terracotta brown hue, is no exception. It does have a slightly more orange tint than other bronzer options, but it’s great for adding a natural glow, especially if your skin is already a bit tanned.

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