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Spin Me Round: eos Smooth Sphere


My warped and loony little mind appears to have a musical component to it ’cause seems like every time I write about a beauty product, a song that somehow relates to it pops into my head. This time around it was Dead Or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round” for obvious reasons: the shape of these new eos Smooth Spheres lip balms.

Boasting an USDA organic certification, the new eos Smooth Spheres feature hydrating vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, and they’re available in three yummy flavors  Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Summer Fruit (the recyclable packaging matches the color affiliated with the flavor’s main fruit or herb, so that means light green for Sweet Mint, pinkish red for Summer Fruit, and a yellowish green for Honeysuckle Honeydew etc.).

Hygienic concerns are tantamount here, as the lip balm is designed so that your fingers (which oftentimes carry so many germs and bacteria) never come into contact with your lips. You can just hold the bottom part of the sphere, which holds the dome-shaped balm, and guide it over your lips, then add the top cap and lock into place. One amazing aspect of the packaging is that, unlike many twist-top encasements, this one actually snaps firmly into place (you’ll literally hear a light clicking sound, letting you know your lip balm is firmy shut). That’s a huge plus for me, since I can’t tell you how many ChapSticks I’ve ruined because the cap fell off inside my purse, and the lip balm wound up covered in dirt (I know, it’s gross!).

In terms of the actual product, the all-natural formula is rather gentle and effective. It slides onto your lips with ease (and goes on clear) and has a nice, slighty creamy consistency (as opposed to some lip balms which can be too dry and hard or too greasy and sticky). The spherical shape actually makes the application a lot easier — it’s almost like the entire object is picking up momentum as it rolls over your pout! As soon as it touches your lips, the balm starts nourishing and healing those lips. My toddler son had badly chapped lips, and I even tried it on him  (he’s a fan of the Sweet Mint flavor) and noticed the massive results within a day or two.

The packaging, as I mentioned, has many benefits. Yet another is that it’s also to open, since there’s a nice, thumb-shaped indentation along the side, so you know exactly where to twist. The one thing I’d forewar you about is that these spheres (which, by the way, are more oval-shaped than circular) are actually larger than you might think. It’s definitely not something you can slip into you’re pocket if you’re wearing slim-cut jeans but, hey, it should manage to fit into most purses.

So what do you say you spin this baby round round?

eos Lip Balm Smooth Sphere, $3.29 each. Available at evolutionofsmooth.com, drugstore.com and at Walgreens and Rite Aid stores starting this month.

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