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Stalk Market: Clinique’s Bamboo Pink Collection


Adult pandas eat 12-38 kg of bamboo leaves daily in order to meet their nutritional needs. Me? My hunger for soft, pretty makeup is currently being sated by Clinique’s Bamboo Pink collection. The limited edition collection consists of: a Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Bamboo Pink, a three-toned (a peachy pink and two earthy pinks in varying intensities) pressed powder compact featuring an embossed flower design; a yummy Butter Shine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink; a Powder Brush featuring all-natural bristles and a bamboo-like design along the brush stem; and a Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad in Bamboo Pink.

I’m beyond smitten with the Eyeshadow Quad in Bamboo Pink, which features four delicate, earthy hues with a sexy, dewy shimmer: there’s a nude pink color that works beautifully as a base color; a rich, chocolate brown with golden and coppery specks; a pale, khaki-esque brown shade with a pearly golden tint; and a coppery sepia color. I particularly love the last two shades mentioned since they both work wonders at accentuating your natural beauty and illuminating your pretty little peepers, so you can really smile with your eyes (word to Tyra).

The Butter Shine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink is also a decadent treat. Thanks to a new gel formula, the lipstick is so soft and creamy that is glides right onto your lips and manages to deliver as much shine as you’d get from a gloss. The color, meanwhile, is like a mocha-infused, light Thulian pink which I find to be almost universally flattering (and that’s a pretty bold statement since, whether a lipstick shade looks good on someone, is often so directly linked to their skin color, hair and eye color, personality, etc.) I also adore the packaging which featured ridges resembling those you’d find in a bamboo stalk.

For me, whereas brands like Urban Decay, NYX and Nars deliver bold, gutsy, live-out-loud colors, Clinique offers the type of hues that bring out the flirtatious, classy damsel in every woman. The Bamboo Pink collection nails this concept, offering an array of hues that are meant to accentuate the natural, rather than conceal it.

Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad in Bamboo Pink, $25; Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Bamboo Pink, $14; Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Bamboo Pink, $29.50; Clinique Powder Brush, $30. Visit Clinique.com

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