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Crown Jewels: Essie Loves Diamonds By Judith Ripka

When creating the colors in her limited-edition nail enamel collection for Essie, jewelry designer Judith Ripka sought to evoke the same feeling customers have when beholding her own diamond-encrusted pieces: the desire to have them forever. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then diamond dust-infused nail enamels might just be a lacquer lover’s trustiest confidante.

The Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka collection consists of three hues: Queen of Hearts, Put A Ripka Ring On It, and Heart My JR Rewels. Perfect for creating a Betty Draper-esque look, Queen of Hearts is perhaps the best shade of red I’ve ever encountered. It’s like a candy apple hue — minus the festival-esque motifs associated with that visual cue. Heart My JR Jewels, meanwhile, is a vampy, merlot-esque color that will make you feel like a lady who lunches, a wealthy socialite with an appetite for the finer things in life (for some reason, I keep thinking of Maryann Thorpe, the fabulous character played by Christine Baranski in the ’90s series Cybill). Put A Ripka Ring On It, a creamy light pink, conjures up images of white weddings and dreamy honeymoon escapes. Together, the three are worthy of any woman’s beauty treasure box.

And here’s an interesting twist (*cue Liz Lemon voice*): a sapphire, emerald and diamond will be hidden inside three of the nail polish bottles sold to the public. The customers who find these miniscule stones will become owners of larger, authentic gemstones (talk about a prize, right?). Also, if you log on to JudithRipka.com or Essie.com and enter the UPC code featured on your nail polish bottle, you’ll receive more information about special offers and promotions.

Check them out:


Heart My JR Jewels


Queen of Hearts

Get your own:

Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka, $15 each. Available at spas, salons and beauty stores. For more info, visit Essie.com


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