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If I Could Turn Back Time: ReVersital 3-in-1 MicrodermaStick


Body scrubs tend to fluster my sensitive skin so that, instead of sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing a softer, smoother surface, I’m typically left with irritated skin (think rashes, bumps, etc.). What can I say? Even my body is testy and temperamental. Needless to say, then, at-home microdermabrasion products¬† are a frightening proposition for me. I therefore approached testing the ReVersital 3-in-1 MicrodermaStick with more than a healthy dose of skepticism.

Admittedly, I expected the stick to feel like sandpaper against my skin, so I was beyond surprised at how gentle the experience was. But let’s start with the basics. One of the perks to this stick is that it eliminates the need for loofahs, sponges, exfoliating gloves and any other tools which, oftentimes, aggravate any potential inflammation because they’re made of tough and abrasive materials and fabrics. With the ReVersital 3-in-1 Stick, all you need to do is moisten the surface you wish to treat, remove the stick’s cap,¬† then rub it over the desired area using small, circular motions.The solid stick practically melts into your skin as you massage the skin, and the diamond-shaped crystals gently buff your skin so there’s no excessive friction.

Because the formula combines these magnesium oxide crystals with bio-active, antioxidant-filled moisturizing agents, the ReVersital MicrodermaStick peels away old layers of skin while also hydrating the surface for a smoother, softer feel. I was particularly impressed with the drastic change in how my elbows felt after only one treatment (that’s brownie points for instant effects, I might add!). You can also use these on your feet and hands (though, in the case of the feet, I do think you’ll need to complement this process with a more abrasive scrub-and-pumice stone routine). I’d also suggest trying this on your knees.

And might I add that I have the softest elbows in the world (well, of the non-pasta variety)?

ReVersital 3-in-1 MicrodermaStick for Body, $80. Visit ReVersital.net

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