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Liquid Courage: Jane Iredale Eye Gloss


Jane Iredale Eye Gloss (Pictured above in Champagne Silk, Brown Silk, Green Silk, Grey Silk, Lilac Silk and Wine Silk), $15 each. Visit JaneIredaleDirect.com

When it comes to eye shadows, it seems like many folks are going on a liquid diet. And no, I don’t mean they’re juicing (or boozing) while dolling up those eyes. What I’m referring to is the increasing number of women opting for liquid, creamy or gel-like shadows that can be applied with a sponge-like applicator, a paint brush, or even the fleshy tips of their fingers.

Why the fascination with liquid eye shadows? Well, for one, once the shadows dry on your skin, they’re pretty much locked in place, so you don’t have to worry about smudging, streaking, running, or any other potential mishap. They’re also easy to apply, as they gracefully glide across lids (which means that, those who aren’t particularly dexterous with the many brushes needed to properly contour the eye are, still have the ability to create alluring, no-muss looks). And, nowadays, many companies are infusing their cream shadows with skin nutrients so as to moisturize the eye area while also delivering the desired pigmentation.

Jane Iredale has remained on trend with her Eye Gloss collection, which consists of eight shimmery, mineral-based liquid shadows — all of which contain nourishing macadamia nut oil. Each shade comes in a dainty 0.15 oz. squeeze tube with a golden screw top containing a sponge applicator. To use, you simply dip the applicator wand into the tube, squeezing the bottom of the tube as necessary to yield the right amount of shadow, and then glide the brush across your lids. The shadows dry relatively quickly, but you do have a 2-5 minute period before this happens, allowing you to correct any mistakes you might have made during the application process. To me, that’s a big asset since so many liquid shadows nowadays dry so absurdly fast that, if your hand isn’t completely steady as you apply them, you’ll end up working double-time to fix any mishaps.

In terms of the shadows themselves, it’s hard to apply an even coat to a creased and bumpy area like an eyelid, and it’s even more challenging to do so when you’re working with a subpar applicator  — and the one included is hardly a gold medalist. I’d recommend either squeezing the color onto your fingertips and using an old-school, finger painting technique, or reaching for some quality brushes. If you utilize these tools, however, you should be pleased with the results.

The Lilac Silk and Grey Silk hues are my personal favorites. The grey is an elegant, silvery shade, while the lilac hue has feminine pink undertones — it reminds me of the shade of the dress Julia Roberts wore in the final scenes of My Best Friend’s Wedding).

For your convenience, I swatched four of the shades (Champagne Silk, Wine Silk, Grey Silk and Lilac Silk) so you could see what they look like on skin. Of course, the shades will look different on each consumer (especially since we have to take into account different skin tones), but I figured any “field research” helps!



Champagne Silk


Wine Silk


Grey Silk


Lilac Silk

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