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Original Skin: M2 Body Refinish


The title of this post might seem like just another pun on words (“original skin” instead of “original sin” — get it?), but there’s actually another meaning to it: see, if you use, M2 Body Refinish regularly, you’ll be restoring the skin on your body to a natural, virginal state, the way it looked before it was damaged by time, the sun and environmental hazards.

The key ingredients are as follows: Malic Acid, an apple-and pear derivative that moisturizes the skin and infuses it with Vitamin E to ward off free radicals; Mandelic Acid, which is obtained from almonds and which functions as an antibacterial and naturally fights acne; Sunflower Seed Oil, which helps the skin retain its moisture and strengthens the skin barrier; Hyaluronic Acid, a popular ingredient in anti-aging products, as it helps with moisture retention; Aloe, which moisturizes and soothes irritated and dry skin; and Co Q10, which improves the skin’s overall tone and texture and protects it from environmental damage. Both Mandelic and Malic acids assist in the production of collagen, which helps to restore elasticity to mature skin, hence reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

I used this product for over a month, and noticed very dramatic results in terms of my skin’s appearance and texture. The moisturizer is very lightweight so that, when you apply it to cleansed skin, it’s easily absorbed and won’t leave you feeling greasy. If you rub the area where you moisturized your skin, you might notice some flakes gathering under your palms, but don’t be alarmed — since the product contains natural exfoliants, those flakes are simply dead cells being lifted off your skin by the palms of your hands (which are, in essence, acting like a loofah as you rub your skin).

But what impressed me the most about the M2 Body Refinish is just how effective it was in evening out my skin tone. My legs are a constant source of concern for me, as I’ve battled with ingrown hairs for many years now (skirmishes that I’ve often lost, I might add!) and have been left with some scars and redness (often red bumps) as a result. After 3 weeks of using the product, in addition to having softer skin, I could wear a mini skirt without fear of attracting critical stares (or of having my best friend’s niece ask me if I had the chicken pox on my legs!). The air tight pump, meanwhile, ensures that the cream itself doesn’t become contaminated by free radicals (which can often lessen the powerful impact of active ingredients in skincare products).

My skin felt like it had been buffed, polished, conditioned, and varnished and, yes, refinished, with the type of loving care that carpenters offeir their wooden pieces.

M2Body Refinish, $44.50. Visit M2SkinCare.com

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