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The Color of Motivation — Motives Cosmetics Pressed Eye Shadows

These Motives Cosmetics shadows look even better on your lids than they do in their elegant cases. The crease-proof shadows have the perfect pearlescent quality (they’re shimmery without having that glittery feel that can seem unrefined) and come in a wide range of intriguing hues. In addition, they’re formulated to deflect light away from any fine lines along the area, creating an optical illusion that disguises any visible signs of aging.

Pictured below are some of the pressed eye shadow colr offerings, as well as swatches of each so you can get a better feel for what they look like when applied.


Motives Cosmetics “Dreamy” Pressed Eye Shadow, $12. Visit MotivesCosmetics.com


Motives Cosmetics “Antique Pink” Pressed Eye Shadow, $12. Visit MotivesCosmetics.com

Motives Cosmetics “Mink” Pressed Eye Shadow, $12. Visit MotivesCosmetics.com


Motives Cosmetics “Green Apple” Pressed Eye Shadow, $12. Visit MotivesCosmetics.com

Motives Cosmetics “Steel” Pressed Eye Shadow, $12. Visit MotivesCosmetics.com


Eye Shadow Swatches:


From left to right: Mink, Pink Gold and Dreamy

When worn together, these shades make me feel like the star of a Bollywood film. For some reason, they remind me of the outfit Nik wore in the Bollywood-themed shoot on Cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model. The aptly named Mink color is a coppery brown hue that resembles the tone of a luxe fur (and wearing this won’t make PETA activists chase you with sticks!). Pink Gold, meanwhile, has the delicate, feminine feel of a rose gold necklace. Dreamy, meanwhile, boasts a dramatic, celestial feel — it’s the type of shade you envision when you imagine a romantic, starry night.


From left to right: Green Apple, Antique Pink, and Steel

Though it’s named Green Apple, this chartreuse shade is more Angelina Jolie-as-the-smoking-Mrs-. Smith than it is Granny Smith. It manages to explore the more yellowish range of the green spectrum without winding up looking like Mountain Dew — instead, it’s an elegant, precious green citrine shade. Antique Pink, meanwhile, is a very light, peachy pink shade with golden undertones. It makes me think of pink pearl strands. Steel, finally, has a taupe-meets-slate quality that makes it extremely versatile. You can incorporate it into a smokey eye look, or use it as the foundation for a more natural, earthy look.

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