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A “Tail” Of Two Cities: The Hair At Christian Siriano’s Spring/Summer 2010 Show



Project Runway Season Four winner Christian Siriano isn’t one for subtleties. He made that abundantly clear during his days wowing Heidi, Nina and Michael (not to mention one of the holy mothers of style, Posh Spice). From his arty, asymmetrical seagull-esque hairstyle to his over-the-top, practically air snap punctured quotables, Siriano was a scene-stealer from his very first day in front of the camera at the Parsons work room. From his Bryant Park debut, replete with a two-toned feathered gown, to the towering stilettos and ankle boots he designed for his footwear collection with Payless, Siriano’s work has displayed a concern with both construction and showmanship, with fashion and flair.

Yes, Christian Siriano likes to make a scene — and, as it turns out, so do his fans. Despite the unseasonably chilly and rainy weather that struck New York City last Saturday, Sept. 12th, legions of fashionistas and reality TV junkies trekked devotedly for a glimpse at his clothes (well, that and the celebrity-studded crowd packing the front row of Bryant Park’s Promenade). As  the 4 p.m. mark approached, the horde of people packed within the Bryant Park building grew impatient, with guests pushing and shoving like twenty-somethings at a sold-out rock concert (picture mosh-pit like demeanor amongst women in teetering stilettos and gay guys in, uhm, teetering stilettos). Whether you had a seating assignment was irrelevant in this sense because, to some degree, you had to withstand the pandemonium in order to make your way past the velvet rope and onto the Promenade. And if you hadn’t been given a seating assignment, it was best of wishes to you… Over 100 guests stood in line for over an hour, only to be turned away when security officials declared the venue to be at capacity. To say that there were some major brattitudes (bratty attitudes, in case you didn’t catch that) would be an understatement. But hey, it almost seems fitting for a designer who is hellbent on the fabulousness of it all.

So let’s get to the fabulous part — the clothes, the hair, the shoes, the makeup. Wow. Like whoa. Jaws dropped to the floor when Arlenis Sosa strutted down the runway in a floor-length, strapless gown with an asymmetrical, ruffled skirt constructed using a fabric with a red/yellow/orange print that conveyed the extreme colors and intensity you’d find in a volcanic explosion. An asymmetrical, one-shoulder sleeveless gown with a bubble-esque, floor-length skirt constructed out of an aquatic version of the same print garnered also garnered an enthusiastic response. For Siriano, pretty wasn’t enough — the collection had to be interesting, dynamic and innovative. He manipulated fabrics and silhouettes in unexpected and refreshing ways, all of which added to the delicious drama of the experience.

And, of course, an off-the-wall collection required equally innovative yet elegant hair. Antoinette Beenders, Vice President Global Creative Director for Aveda, created the edgy ponytails models sported as they sauntered down the runway. The predominant look consisted of a low, center ponytail adorned with textured waves so as to create “a play of smooth versus rough.”

To create the look, Beenders started by creating a side part and then drawing a horseshoe-shaped part along the top of the head, staring at one brow line and ending at the opposite side. She then pinned this top section of hair, isolating it from the remaining tresses. The hair along the bottom was brushed and pulled into a low ponytail. After spraying this section with Aveda’s Air Control Hair Spray, she used a flat iron to ensure the the hair inside the ponytail appeared pin-straight and had a sleek finish. Next, she unpinned the top section of the hair and combed it back, massaging some Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion to add volume. This top section was then divided into smaller pieces. Each individual piece was twisted into spiral curls using a ceramic curling rod. Once all the sections had been curled, Beenders brushed the hair to soften the curls and create a wavier, more romantic effect. Brushing the hair back, she then pinned the sides and ends of these smaller sections of hair along the base of the ponytail, carefully arranging all of the sections to create a chignon-like shape along the base of the ponytail. To smooth the hair along the front and sides of the head, she added Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip and, to give the entire look some hold, she finished it off with a few spritzes of Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

The resulting look is a completely unexpected and daring take on a classic hairstyle (it doesn’t get much more classic than a ponytail!) — perfect for a designer with an adventurous spirit.

Check out some pics of the Aveda team backstage below.




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