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Freaky and Fab: Urban Decay Fall 2009 Collection

I’ll admit it: I’m an Urban Decay groupie. But then, admitting that you’re an Urban Decay groupie is like saying you’re a U2 fan. How so? Well, in both scenarios, those who’ve experienced that kind of magic are bound to evangelize about it for years on end. And in both cases, you won’t find many people who will question your devotion because they themselves can’t really deny the artistry in front of them.

And Urban Decay’s Fall 2009 collection is just another cosmetic zootopia (to keep with the U2 theme). The collection manages to be right on trend while still distinguishing itself from the rest with dark, gothic-esque purple shadows and gunmetal lipsticks, cream eyeliner in bold greens and blues, and nude lipsticks with a hint of gold shimmer to pair with any somber shadows hues. As you look at some of these new shades, you have to admit that it takes gumption and bravery to attempt to capture the beauty in the eerie.

So, without further preamble, here’s a look at some of the highlights:



New Deluxe Eyeshadows: Freakshow (pictured below) and Ruthless (pictured below, at bottom)



These shadows fall on opposite sides of the spectrum, and yet they’re both perfect additions to your fall makeup case. The Freakshow eyeshadow shade is a dusty, smoky purple hue that has a slightly enigmatic, zombie-esque mystique to it. It’s one of those shade that’s remarkably odd and yet undeniably beguiling. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find Ruthless, a light champagne hue with plenty of shimmer. I’ve created some really nice looks by layering these two together and using the Ruthless shade to highlight and contour the eyes, but I also love applying a bit of Ruthless onto my lids when I’m wearing darker, gutsier lipstick shades.

Here are some swatches for you:


Urban Decay “Freakshow” and “Ruthless” Deluxe Eyeshadow, $18 each. Visit UrbanDecay.com

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in “Binge” (Green), “Midnight Blue” and “Zero” (Black)


You know what sold me on these cream eyeliners above all else? The packaging? Each gunmetal-colored case features a peacock illustration with tattoo-esque details and, when you open the top lid, you’ll see a handy mirror underneath it. The mirror detail makes all the difference: you can sit the case atop a flat surface and peer in the mirror as you apply — or, if you’re on the go, you can tilt the case sideways and hold the part bearing the liner shade with one hand as you apply the liner and with the other, all the while gazing into the mirror to check your handiwork. But, of course, I also love the way you can layer the color depending on whether you want a wispier look or an in-your-face, look-at-me-now look.

Below, check out some swatches of the following shades (from top to bottom): Zero, Binge and Midnight Blue.


Urban Decay Ink for Eyes, $22 each. Visit UrbanDecay.com


Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder Foundation


Any significant change in texture can sometimes freak me out — which is perhaps why I haven’t necessarily been keen on cream-to-powder foundations in the past. I must say, however, that Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder Foundation is one of the few products that might just turn me into  believer. It has the consistency of a lightweight concealer as it goes on skin, but it dries out quickly to yield a powdery yet natural finish.

The creamy consistency allows for better coverage since you can easily look at where you’ve brushed on the powder and you can determine any areas that might need a bit more attention, and it will transform into powder quickly enough that you won’t have to worry about your foundation cracking or caking. Each compact

comes with a foundation brush but, to be honest, you’re best served with a sponge-like applicator to ensure the most even distribution. And here’s an added incentive: the Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder Foundation is packed with skin nourishing antioxidants and vitamins A and C, so you’ll be treating your skin as you dress it up in designer duds.

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream-To-Powder Foundation, $34. Available at UrbanDecay.com


Lip Primer Potion


One of my all-time favorite beauty prep products is Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which protects the delicate skin around the eyes while also creating a smooth base for you to apply any necessary shadows. Just as important, the Eyeshadow Primer Potion locks in any eyeshadow and eyeliner colors so your makeup looks fresh all day long. New for Fall, the Lip Primer Potion yields similar results for the lip area.

It glides on smoothly, like an emollient lip balm, delivering SPF 15 protection and moisturizing your lips with vitamins A and E, while a non-irritating Peptide Complex helps to naturally plump lips and smooth the skin surface. Once you apply the Lip Primer Potion, your lips are a smoother, more even canvas upon which you can apply any desired color. Not only will your lipstick last substantially longer, but your lips will stay hydrated and protected.

Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion, $20. Visit UrbanDecay.com

Lipstick in Oil Slick, Naked, and Confession


Like its new eyeshadow hues, Urban Decay’s new lipstick hues encourage you to taste the forbidden. For those who want a muted, more natural lip to match fierce, dark eyes, there’s the “Naked” lipstick hue, while those feeling a bit more naughty can experiment with the dark, gunmetal-colored “Oil Slick” (a glossy, near-black shade) or Confession, a purple hue with a hint of burgundy.

Check out how “Confession” and “Oil Slick” look on the skin:


Urban Decay Lipstick, $22 each. Visit UrbanDecay.com

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