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Have A Brush With Fame With These BrushLab Tools



I love when I stumble upon something so simple and yet so smart — and that’s why I’m so giddy about BrushLab’s Pretty Pink Dual Mirror Brush (okay, okay, I admit that the hot pink color has something to do with it!). The travel-ready brush is rather compact (it’s about 7 or 8 inches long) and lightweight without being freakishly and impractically small, like all those bite-sized, 3-inched brushes we’ve seen in the past — all of which can barely remove the tangles from one chunky strand, much less help you style an entire head of hair. The brush features a rubber cushion and ball-tipped bristles on one side and, on the other, a coaster-sized round mirror for quick check-ups while on the go. The brush wouldn’t be my number one pick when trying to pull off elaborate ‘dos, but it’s fantastic for quick styling — and the mirror comes in so handy! I like to place the brush inside my bag and take it out when I need to check my hair or makeup (I’ve even touched up my lipstick with it!). Between the fun round shape, the rubber texture, the highlighter pink color, and the mirror component, every time I reach for the brush, I feel like I’m transported back to a Saved By The Bell-esque high school (maybe because of the mirror-in-the-locker phenomenon we associate with our teenybopper years) — and I love it!

Now, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty brush to use when blowdrying your mane and shaping your hair into more elaborate styles, I’d suggest opting for the Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Brush (pictured below). Like most round-barreled, ceramic brushes, this one absorbs heat nicely, aiding in the blowdrying process and helping to mold the hair in the desired manner. The holes distributed evenly throughout the barrel, meanwhile, facilitate the easy flow of air so that, as you blowdry your mane, the gusts of air can penetrate the brush barrel and be dispersed into the atmosphere (as opposed to bouncing back from the brush and messing up your handiwork).The synthetic bristles may seem a bit hard to the touch, but they don’t feel abrasive or unpleasant when pressed  against the head. Personally, I noticed that the way in which the bristles were staggered made it more unlikely for my hair to get tangled in the brush (which has been a huge problem in the past).

Lastly, after you’ve done the bulk of your styling and you want to wrap it up by adding shine and reducing frizz, reach for the Blueberry Oval Cushion Boar Bristle, a flat, oval-shaped brush with natural boar bristles (pictured above, at top).


BrushLab Pretty Pink Dual Mirror Brush, $10.98; BrushLab Blueberry Oval Cushion Boar Bristle Brush, $11.98; BrushLab Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Brush, $12.98. Visit BrushLove.com

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