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Into the Woods — David Weeks x Kidrobot “Chiseler” Dunny



Compared to Brooklyn-based interior designer and artist David Weeks, Geppetto was a straight-up chump. Though he’s best known for his sleek, modern furniture and lighting designs, Weeks has been toying around (quite literally) with wooden knickknacks durable enough to withstand play sessions with the most rambunctious of kids, yet executed with such precision that you’ll regard them as collectible pieces of art. In June, he unveiled his Ursa the Wooden Bear toy, a sturdy piece measuring 13.5 x 6.5 x7.5 inches and chiseled out of sustainably hardwood beech wood and, now, he’s entered the major leagues by teaming up with Kidrobot.com to design a limited-edition, 8-inch Dunny figure — and trust that this is one toy you won’t want to share with the kids (or anyone else for that matter!). Hey, it’s okay to hog the sandbox every once in a while, right?

Now, if you’re a toy geek like me, then you already know that Dunny figures are usually fashioned out of vinyl, so the mere idea of a wooden Dunny is revolutionary. Sure, we’ve seen Dunny toys resembling everything from grill cooks to Lucha Libre fighters, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen that iconic shape created out of wood.

The Chiseler Dunny was fashioned out of hand-carved and hand-sanded zebra-striped hard pine, and each piece comes with a sturdy beechwood case etched with the Kidrobot logo and bearing an outline of the toy’s name and silhouette. And here’s the kicker: only 5 toys are available. Yes, you read right: only 5 of these wooden soldiers are in existence.

The Chiseler dropped yesterday, so don’t dilly dally if you’re looking to become one of the furious five who owns one of these intricately sculpted wooden figures.

David Weeks x Kidrobot The Chiseler Dunny, $1200. Available at Kidrobot.com

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