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Target’s Handbag Collection Upcycles Billboard Art


I’m in awe of Target‘s original thinking — not just in terms of its product offerings or its beauty and fashion designer collaborations, but also in as far as the types of branding and marketing initiatives they’ve launched and the ways in which they’ve managed to support visual artists. Their latest campaign is so incredibly inspired that I’m positively floored.

Here’s the scoop: starting this Labor Day weekend through October 31st, Target will be featuring commissioned artwork from artists such as Michael Anderson, best known for his landscape images, and mixed media, Brooklyn-based artist Josh Goldstein on its massive billboards in New York City’s Times Square hub. And here’s the surprise twist: the billboards’ vinyl will be upcycled and transformed into 1,600 limited-edition bags.

With its square-like shape and black enamel stud details, the tote’s form was designed by the illustrious Anna Sui — but, of course, the art featured on each piece will correspond to that of the featured visual artists, with consumers having the option of selecting which artist’s work they want featured on their bag. The design pictured above features the  colorful work of graphic designer and typography master Laurie Rosenwald.

Target’s billboard campaign, then, supports emerging artists by commissioning their work and enhancing their visibility to the mainstream public, plus it helps our environment by encouraging upcycling. It’s a manifestation of how art, fashion and environmental activism can coexist.

The bags are available for pre-order starting Sept. 4th and will ship to buyers in early January. Each bag retails for $29.99 and can be ordered at

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