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Flash Dance — Make Up For Ever Alliance Flash Color Palette 2009 Collector’s Edition


If I could nominate a beauty product for a MENSA membership, Make Up For Ever’s Flash Color Palette would be among the top contenders— simply put, it’s pure genius. Introduced in 1986, the palette was formerly available only to professional makeup artists but, thanks to brand Creator/Artistic Director Dany Sanz, now we too can experience its brilliance. The palette was launched just in time to celebrate the creation of the Make Up For Ever Alliance, a coalition comprised of highly skilled freelance makeup artists who wish to work on fashion, TV, film and theater projects. The Flash Color Palette features twelve creamy pigments which can be applied to the lips, eyes or cheeks for a bold, statement-making look.

Exclusive to Sephora, the palette contains the following shades: Gold 4; Coral 2; Turquoise 0; Fuchsia 5; Yellow 13; Brown 23; Silver 3; White 10; Red 17; Bright Blue 14; Leaf Green 8; and Black 11. Now, I’ll keep it 100% real with you: I haven’t had the pleasure of trying on every single one of these shades, but I have experimented with the Fuchsia 5, Turquoise 0, and Silver 3 Flash Color shades.

What I love about these shades is that the slightest tad of color yields a big impact. Take the Fuchsia 5 color: if you run your finger atop the creamy pigment and then smooth the color onto your lips, you’ll notice that the hue packs more punch than what you’d get from most lipsticks (even after two or three coats). Plus, there’s no smearing, smudging or feathering — the color almost looks like it was tattooed onto your skin rather than brushed on.

Check out the pic below, where I’m wearing the Flash Color in Fuchsia 5 on my lips:


See how vibrant the color is? Now image that type of vividness times twelve. See why I think the palette is a flash of genius?


Make Up For Ever Alliance Flash Color Palette 2009 Collector’s Edition, $95. Visit Sephora.com

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