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Globe Trottin’ With NP Set’s New Eye Palettes

Napoleon Perdis can’t be bothered with painting the town red. The celebrity makeup artists would rather paint the world green, purple, and bronzed beige with his new NP Set eye palettes, dubbed Dublin, Amsterdam, and Cairo.

Each of these new eyeshadow palettes seems to have been inspired by the distinctive colors of the destination after which it was named. Inspired by the mountainous regions of Ireland’s capital, the Dublin eye shadow trio, for example, features a grayish moss green, an emerald-meets-forest green, and a dark myrtle green with gold shimmer. The Cairo palette, meanwhile, features a baked beige hue reminiscent of the region’s sandy terrains and a bronzed, light terracotta color that seem to be informed by the baked stones used to construct the Sphinx. Lastly, there’s the Amsterdam palette, which features a soft lilac, a deep purple, and a magenta shade — all reflecting the shades of the tulips that bloom in this particular destination.

Check out the palettes below, along with swatches and photos of some of the looks created.


1. NP Set Eye Palette in Cairo ($20, available at Target.com)


As you can see from the swatches below,all of these shades have a sheen to them — there’s the near white ecru color pictured at right, the coppery beige at center, and the baked russet with hints of copper and bronze pictured at left.


2. NP Set Eye Palette in Dublin ($20, available at Target.com)


This is a great palette for when you need a bit more drama. Instead of jewel-toned green hues, the focus is on earthier, moodier tones. There’s a dark myrtle green with gold speckles (as pictured below at right), a deep forest green with hints of emerald (as pictured below at center), and a grayish moss color (as seen at left). It’s probably my personal favorite out of the three offerings because I find these shades of green really unique. I only wish that one of the colors was a tad lighter and could serve as more of a base, since all three are rather intense.


Here’s a photo of a quick look I created with the Dublin palette. First, I swept the lighter, mossier color along my lid and brow bone, then I brushed the emerald-ish green hue along my lids and contoured them using the darker hue, brushing it along the outer corners of the eyes.


3. NP Set Eye Palette in Amsterdam ($20, available at Target.com)

Purple is one of the hottest colors of the season, and this palette is a great way to achieve those more romantic, lilac-centric looks — without emptying your pockets. The Amsterdam palette includes a shimmering soft lilac hue (as pictured below at right), a purple with hints of magenta (as pictured at center), and a darker, charcoal-tinged purple (as pictured below at left).



Here’s a quick look created with the Amsterdam palette. I kept the rest of the face clean and makeup-free (well, except for some powder), so as to keep the focus on the eyes.



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