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National Velvet — Zoya Matte Velvet Collection


They may not incite people to scream, “That is beautiful? What is that? Velvet?” a la Coming to America, but there’s something about these Zoya nail polishes that exudes a demure sophistication worthy of the queen of Zamunda.  Zoya’s limited-edition Matte Velvet collection might just be one of my favorite Zoya collections ever — and that’s not a hyperbole, my friends.

The unique formula found in these lacquers proves that you don’t need a glossy finish for your nails to shine bright. I personally love the slight sheen of the polishes and how the color almost looks like it was colored in with a felt-tip marker. The collection includes three hues: Posh, a cranberry red; Loredana, a steel gray; and Dovima, a deep charcoal gray.

Check out some swatches below!

Zoya Matte Velvet “Posh”

This red hue is beyond unique — it makes me think of the cranberries you’d find in a holiday wreath, which makes the color feel all the more timely.


Zoya Matte Velvet “Loredana”

While gray polishes are de rigueur this season, Zoya has managed to provide a unique twist with this matte steel gray polish, which makes me think of a famous Lanvin gown on display at the Met Museum.



Zoya Matte Velvet polishes, $7 each. Visit Zoya.com

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