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Pink Flow — Marilyn Minter’s Green Pink Caviar Tote for Intermix



If you’re not an art buff but you still find the name “Marilyn Minter” a bit familiar, it’s probably because the famed photographer was one of the three artists MAC Cosmetics tapped to collaborate on its celebrated MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics Fall 09 collection. Inspired by the dazzling glittering pigments in the MAC collection, Minter created a breathtaking photograph capturing just a slither of a woman’s face, focusing on a closed eyelid covered in sparkling violet pigment and fuchsia glitter from the MAC collection and framed by strands of hair cloaked in a rain-like dampness. I found that work of art so dynamic and vibrant that I couldn’t quite take my eyes off of it. And, as I look at this bag Minter created exclusively for Intermix, I am once again completely enthralled.

This limited-edition cotton canvas tote bag features a still from Minter’s art film Green Pink Caviar. As you can see, the resulting image features a tongue that looks like it was dipped in gold jutting out of a seductively open mouth painted in a daring magenta hue. There’s a brash, unapologetic quality to the photo that I find remarkable, and the colors alone merit a lengthy discussion.

Intermix not only teamed up with Minter to create the tote, but also with the non-profit Bright Pink, which seeks to raise awareness about ovarian and breast cancer in high risk areas. The tote measures 16″ tall and 21″ wide and features a printed images from the film on one side and, on the other, the words “Marilyn Minter Green Pink Caviar Presented by Intermix for Bright Pink” in a simple pink print lettering. Proceeds from the sale of the bag will benefit Bright Pink. Now, isn’t that a lovely image all around?

Marilyn Minter/Bright Pink Tote for Intermix, $48. Visit

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