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The Thrill Of The Chaser — Check Out Chaser’s Fall 2009 Collection




As I’ve gotten older, fabric quality has climbed the charts in terms of the factors I consider when making an addition to my closet. In my teens and early twenties, I was an unapologetic volume shopper. Rather than dole out a sensible but still substantial amount on one quality piece, I preferred strolling into a bargain superstore (say, the Forever 21 and H&M stores of the world — though in my time is was more like Contempo Casuals and 5 7 9) and draping a pile of clothing over my forearm, strutting to the register and marveling at the sheer amount of outfits I’d managed to cop. Back then, I wanted cute, edgy outfits, but I never really concerned myself with the fabrics used to construct these pieces — well, unless they screamed Frederick’s of Hollywood-esque skanky or bad bridal shop-like tacky. When “older” women spoke about investing in quality garments, I’d want to roll my eyes as if their sensible advice were somehow toxic. But go figure: just like I’ve found myself emulating some of my parents’ behavior, I’ve now adopted the shopping behavior of those very women who I once thought were simply out to rain on my parade. And a key part of being a sensible shopper is really concentrating on fabric choices.

And it’s about more than the garment having longevity or looking expensive (though both of these are admittedly important considerations) — it’s about the way the fabric feels against my skin. Whereas I was once impervious to the abrasive feel of all those scratchy, synthetic fabrics, I now insist on pieces that seem to caress my skin. I’ve found that when a garment hangs on the body right and it feels yummy, you just automatically feel more comfortable, more feminine.

Which brings me to these pieces from Chaser NYC’s astounding Fall 2009 collection, which features everything from vintage-inspired band tees (featuring logos and album covers from bands like the Grateful Dead, AC/DC and rap group Public Enemy) to more versatile, solid color tops in cuts ranging from Dolman blouses to raglan tees. And, for this season, Chaser also sprinkled in some whimsical, retro pieces that are right on trend: from sleeveless rompers with splatter-like designs to bright tie-dye tops. And all of these pieces are made with lightweight yet supple fabrics that feel soft against your skin.

From a texture perspective, I’m particularly fond of the sheer rayon Balloon Sleeve top (pictured third from top), which is available in black, charcoal, ivory or cobalt. The balloon sleeves create a youthful twist without being so exaggerated as to make you look like a Minnie Mouse clone and the unfinished neckline and waistline add a devil-may-care coolness to the piece. But best of all, the top feels sinfully soft — heck, I think it’s softer than the receiving blankets used to swaddle babies.

Though slightly less soft than the blouse, the Splatter Romper is another standout in the collection. It constitutes a more eclectic, metropolitan interpretation of the romper style we’ve been seeing throughout the summer months, and the fabric has a nice bit of stretch that makes it adjust to many different body types.

Perhaps the most audacious piece is the Tie Dye Shirred Racer, with its fluorescent pink, blue and yellow color scheme. But, of course, it’s all about how you work the piece within your outfit. Picture wearing this top with some form-fitting, white J Brand jeans (similar to the ones Rihanna has been spotted rocking), some bright yellow pumps or platform sandals, and a nice wide belt — can you picture the fabulous ’80s-goes-luxe quality?

Just when I thought Chaser’s collections couldn’t get any better, I checked out these garments and now I’m officially in the mood to chase down more Chaser goodies.

Chaser NYC Splatter Jumper, $118; Chaser NYC Tie Dye Shirred Racer Tank, $76; and Chaser NYC Balloon Sleeve Shirt, $74. Available at Kitson, Scoop and Intermix stores.


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