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Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome Eyeliners — Double the Fun!


What woman isn’t on a quest for the perfect liner? Whether you’re looking for something that glides on tenderly, caressing your lids so as to cause absolutely no discomfort, or you’re searching for a liner that will stay in place, shimmer coquettishly with speckles of glitter, or undulate like a marker to help you create the most exquisite wings or cat eyes, there always seem to be a cavalcade of liner options — each with its own set of pluses and minuses. But how often do you find eyeliner colors that actually fascinate you, that make you do a double take?

That’s what makes the Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome Eyeliner pencils such a welcome addition to any woman’s makeup box. Each of these liners incorporate two rich pigments that work together like cookies and milk (or peanut butter and jelly, Martin and Gina, Starsky and Hutch, Bonnie and Clyde, or any other perfect pair your imagination can muster). Each of the pigment pairings, in turn, makes for a liner with a dramatic and slightly metallic color.

Six shades are available: 59 Violet Rosé, a pink and lilac hue; 62 Brun Mordoré, a golden brown; 60 Gris Perlé, a pearly gray; 57 Noir Emraude, a dramatic green shade with black undertones; 61 Vert Doré, a light green with gold tones; and 58 Noir Bluete, and  indigo blue with dramatic black tones. I had a chance to try the first four shades mentioned and I fell head over heels for them — particularly the Violet Rosé, which works perfectly for this season, when purple tones are popping up on lids, and the Noir Emeraude, which just has this classy, jewel-like feel to it.

Pictured below, you’ll find swatches of the liners, along with a photo of the Violet Rosé when applied on my eyes. Feel the rainbow, ladies!

Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome Liner Swatches (from top to bottom): 57 Noir Emeraude, 60 Gris Perlé, 62 Brun Mordoré, and 59 Violet Rosé


Me with the Regrd Effet Duochrome Eyeliner in Violet Rosé (applied to both the upper and lower lash lines):


Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome Eyeliner, $12.50. Visit Ulta.com

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