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Breaking Out Of Breakouts With Kairos Acne Care Solutions


When you first read the mission statement for the Kairos Acne Care Solutions range of hair care products, you can’t help but wonder, Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? It seems like the most obvious creation — and yet, it took all this time for someone to have the foresight to launch such a line. So what exactly is the line al about? Well, while Kairos products focus on haircare, they also take into consideration the convoluted and often rocky relationship between our hair and our skin. See, if your hair tends to get dirty or oily, then those spots where your hair hits your skin will be prone to breakouts — that means your back (if you’ve got long hair), your chin (if you’ve got layers), your forehead (for those with bangs), and so on and so forth. So how does Kairos handle this particular predicament? Thanks to the salicylic acid in the Kairos products’ formulas, t  any potential breakouts are held at bay.

Now, I must admit that hairline acne hasn’t been too much of an issue for me this far (knock on wood three times), so I asked my colleague and fellow beauty junkie Isabella to test some samples for me and share her thoughts. Here’s what she had to say:

“Bacne (or back acne, as so many call it) is just not sexy. I love my long, curly hair, but it does have a tendency to get oily and, when it brushes against my back, I can often break out pretty badly. Needless to say, I stay away from halter tops, backless blouses, and anything that could possibly reveal those yucky bumps on my back. Don’t even get me started on how I feel about swimsuit season. I shudder to even think about it. I was eager to try these products, hoping they’d be able to contain my problem — without making my hair look raggedy.

The Clarifying Complexion-Clearing Shampoo was my absolute favorite product in the collection. Like most clarifying shampoos, it provided a deep cleanse — you could literally feel all the sweat, oil, dirt, and grease being extracted from your mane — and it smelled pretty nice (I’d been afraid it would smell like Clearasil). Most importantly, I did notice a difference in terms of the amount of breakouts I was getting (and their severity). It didn’t automatically clear the pimples along my back, but I did notice that the existing breakouts started to dissipate much faster than they usually do. The Balancing Breakout-Controlling Conditioner was also enjoyable. The tea tree oil moisturized my hair and made my scalp feel refreshed and invigorated, but ti didn’t add unnecessary oils or grease. The only product I didn’t particularly care for was the Soft Control Hair Gel — not because it had adverse effects in terms of my acne, but because, like most gels, I felt like it was overdrying and distressing my hair.

Overall, though, I’d definitely add the shampoo and conditioner to my routine. I’d probably keep them a bit hidden (as most people do their Rogaine or Head N Shoulders products), but they’d definitely be getting used routinely!”

So there you have it, ladies. That’s the word on Kairos from Isabella!

Kairos Clarifying Complexion-Clearing Shampoo, $24; Kairos Balancing Breakout-Controlling Conditioner, $28; and Kairos Soft Control Clear Style Hair Gel, $18. Visit KairosClear.com

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