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Dare To Try Zoya’s “Truth Or Dare” Collection


I love Zoya nail polish so much, I could come up with about a thousand different catchphrases for them — they’re all incredibly corny but, hey, the sentiment is there (think  “Zoya makes you wanna go ‘holla!'” and you’ll get an idea of just how bad my catchphrases would be! lol). But the point is this: once you go Zoya, you never go back. Their colors are superb, the polish actually lasts more than a heartbeat, it dries quickly and evenly — and, wonder of all wonders, the polish hues look incredibly similar to how they look in their packaging (which, if you’re a varnish-loving vixen, you know is hardly ever the case). So, of course, I was curious to check out the Truth or Dare collection they unveiled last month — not only was I bewitched by the photos of the polishes, but I’ll admit that I got pumped by the precocious name, which brought me back to my slumber party days (and which also reminded me of the controversial Madonna flick by that same name).

So let’s get down to business. The Truth or Dare collection is divided into two parts: Truth, a collection of glossy colors (perhaps speaking to the transparency of truth or the relationship between truth and light), and Dare, a collection of darker and more mysterious shades (perhaps speaking to the naughtier connotations of this word). The Truth collection, pictured at top, features six high-shine shades in fiery reds, golds, coppers and berry hues. The colors pictured in the top image, moving clockwise from the top left, are: Kalmia, an orange hue with tons of sheen; Anaka, a purple magenta hue; Drew, a glossy, pink berry color; Salma, a spicy red wit orange undertones; Penny, a light copper color; and Isla, a passionate red hue.

Pictured below you’ll see how Kalmia looks on the nails.


Now, on to the DARE collection. Again, this collection includes six hues, all of which are creamy and rich but include only a hint of gloss and barely any shimmer (except for the blue Ibiza color, which does have some sheen to it). If Truth is all about luminosity, then Dare is all about frosty, cool, intriguing hues.

The colors in the Dare collection, pictured below, are (moving clockwise from far left): Demi, a purple mauve; Ciara; a burgundy plum; Pinta, a dark violet; Envy, a somber green hue; Ibiza, a sapphire blue with just a hint of shimmer; and Vanessa, a raspberry red.


Pictured below, you’ll see how the Pinta hues looks when brushed on the nails:


Next, you’ll find a photo of the Vanessa hue on the nails:


So will it be “Truth” or “Dare” for you, ladies? I’ll tell you this much: nobody will be labeling you boring either way you go!

Zoya’s Truth or Dare collection polishes, $7 each. Visit ArtofBeauty.com

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