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“Gossip Girl” Says XOXO To Alexandre Birman





Even though Season 3 of Gossip Girl is proving to be a massive disappointment for me (I’m tempted to blame it all on Hilary Duff joining the cast but, truth is, all the story lines have been pretty weak thus far), there are still three reasons why I continue to tune in: 1) blind hope that the writers will pull through this slump, 2) my devotion to Chuck Bass, and 3) the clothes. And frankly, after last episode, the third reason may jump to the top of the list. Blair may still get caught up in petty rivalries (even with her BFF Serena), but at least the girl schemes in style. During last week’s episode, “The Grandfather: Part II,” Blair recruited a friend-for-the-night (as part of an effort to prove to Serena that she’d made friends at NYU) and picked the candidate based on her style sense. And, while Blair’s plan backfired, she did have an insightful convo with her new “friend” during which they discussed Peter Som, the Valentino 360 bag, and Blair’s lovely Alexandre Birman peep-toe booties (pictured second from top). And, as if an appearance on Gossip Girl wasn’t enough of a seal of approval, the Brazilian footwear designer got the ultimate badge of “it” status — Blair Waldorf uttering the words, “Alexandre Birmans are sacred.”

And while Blair name-checked the designer in last week’s episode, the Brazil-based designer’s handmade shoes have been getting quite a bit of screen time, with all the styles pictured here all popping up on cast member’s feet during the past few weeks. I love the attitude of the rock-flavored grommet ankle boot (pictured at top), which features silvertone grommets and a daring 4-inch heel, but I’m most impressed by the quality of the python leather used to craft the lace-up, peep-toe booties (pictured second from top) and the midnight blue, zip-up, peep-toe platform boots (pictured third from top). The python skins (along with the other exotic materials Birman incorporates into his designs) are sourced from the Philippines, while the leathers and suedes are imported from Italy.

Just look at how the shoes showcase every scale in the python skin, how each slight gradation in color is flaunted under the light. No wonder all these Upper East Siders are falling at Birman’s feet!

Alexandre Birman Peep-Toe Bootie, $595; Grommet Slingback Bootie, $350; and Python Peep-Toe Bootie, $750. Available at Bergdorf Goodman and BergdorfGoodman.com

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