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Holiday Gift Guide Part I: For the Liz Lemon Kind of Girl

You probably know someone much like Liz Lemon, Tina Fey‘s character on 30 Rock. She wasn’t the most popular girl in high school, but she had her smarts and her wit to carry her through — and to use as a weapon against the mean and the vapid. As an adult, she’s a successful TV producer who manages a ramshackle group of writers and needy, egotistical, and mildly deranged actors. A self-proclaimed nerd and stress junkie (remember last season when she was forced to take time off? She was going batty!), Lemon loves food (from cupcakes to turkey subs), comfortable fashions (cozy cardigans are key), episodes of Top Chef and pie magazine subscriptions (again, food goes a long way with her), babies, New York City (from Rockefeller Center to Broadway and beyond), Oprah, Princess Leia (who she dresses up as to avoid jury duty), Mamma Mia!, and liberal causes (from eco-friendly initiatives to anything pro women’s rights).

Here, some of the gifts that would get the Lemon in your life mumbling, “I want to go to there.”


LUSH Colour Me Christmas, $29.95. Visit LUSHusa.com

Any Lemon-like girl would appreciate this 5-piece gift set, which will bring out anyone’s childlike enthusiasm. Inside this kit, designed to resemble a gingerbread house and meant to be colored in, you’ll find a Mr. Butterball (a snowman-shaped bath bomb that softens skin with cocoa butter and relaxes the senses with vanilla and ylang-ylang), Satsumo Santa (a sumo-sized, Santa-shaped bath bomb that smells like mandarin oil, orange blossom and bergamot oil), Strawberry Santa (which smells like strawberries), Lil’ LUSH Pud (a round, pudding-scented bath bomb with a holly motif), and Candy Cane (a bubble bar that smells like vanilla). Just remind her that none of the contents are meant to be eaten — no matter how delicious they smell or how much they resemble marzipan cookies and Jell-O treats.


Mighty Fine Hello Kitty “I Love Nerds” T-Shirt, $24.90. Visit Alloy.com

She may refer to her staff as a bunch of nerds but Lemon is well aware of the fact that this simply makes her queen of the nerds at TGS. This adorable Hello Kitty T-shirt will have any Lemon-esque female embracing her inner brainiac.


Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS Ultimate 81 LE W sneakers, $79. Available at Zappos.com

When it comes to her clothing and footwear, Lemon is all about comfort (well, unless she’s on the oh-so-rare date). These Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 kicks are technically running shoes (not that we’ve ever really seen Lemon run, but hey), so they’ll give her plenty of support while also supplying a dose of style thanks to the gray tweed uppers and the green and orange stripes along the sides.


Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine Holiday Hand Care Set, $9.99. Available at MrsMeyers.com

She may not have been a fan of the Greenzo character, but that’s only because David Schwimmer got so lost in his new eco-champion role that he became a power-hungry, insolent maniac. But like any true liberal, Lemon recognizes the importance of eco-friendly practices, and she’ll appreciate contributing to the cause by relying on Mrs. Meyers’ Holiday Hand Care Set, which includes a pine-scented cleanser and lotion to keep your palms and fingers smelling like Christmas morning.


Tommy Hilfiger Suede Ice Skates, price available upon request. Available at Tommy Hilfiger Fifth Avenue Flagship store (681 Fifth Ave, call 212.223.1824).

Lemon is hardly the picture of grace and athleticism, but when her parents come to visit for Christmas (like they did in Season 1), she’ll be hitting the ice rink at Rockefeller Center with them. So why not give her something a little better (not to mention more hygienic) than those rental skates?



SLEEKskin Dry/Sensitive Skin Kit, $199.95. Available at SleekMedSpa.com

Remember when Liz told Jenna that she and Tracy were the cause of her jawline acne? Well, that’s just one of the problems that can occur when your skin is dehydrated and overtaxed. And, since the Lemon kind of girl doesn’t opt for too much makeup, it’s even more important for her skin to look its very best. This 4-step kit includes a gentle cleanser and toner, packed with green tea to calm the skin, as well as an anti-oxidant rich serum and intensive moisturizer to replenish the skin and get it ready for prime time.


Davek Traveler Umbrella in Sunflower Yellow, $79. Visit DavekNY.com

Murphy’s Law is just a part of any Lemon’s life so she should know by now that, when she least expects rain, that’s when a torrential downpour will occur. But who wants to lug a huge umbrella around? Well, now she doesn’t have to with this compact number by Davek NY, which weighs less than 1 lb. and measures 9 inches in length — perfect to tuck inside any tote.


Blackberry Curve 8520 Smartphone in White, $129.99 at T-Mobile. Visit Blackberry.com

With the constant lunacy at TGS, Lemon can’t afford not to be accessible. And since the Blackberry Curve 8520 is now available in white, why not make her trusty handheld device a bit more stylish?


EOS Lip Sphere Trio, $9.99. Available at EvolutionofSmooth.com

Last time someone complimented Lemon’s pink lips, she said they were just chapped (TMI, Liz! Rock with the compliment and keep it moving, girl!). And since chapped lips are a constant hassle, why not help her alleviate the problem with these organic lip balms? This gift set features all three EOS lip sphere flavors: Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Summer Fruit Flavors. Yum!


Madeleine Thompson Short-Sleeved Striped Cardigan, $264. Available at Barneys.com

Sure, Liz prefers cozy knits that will keep her warm and comfy, but there’s no reason why you can’t work within those parameters while upping the girl’s style quotient (we can’t be having the Jack Donaghy in her life saying she looks like she shops for all of her clothes at Kmart!). Madeleine Thompson’s short-sleeved cardigan strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, with its cashmere fabric, slightly natuical-flavored striped details, and relaxed construction.



Emily Elizabeth Jewelry Winter Necklace, $48. Visit EmilyElizabethJewelry.com

Lemon isn’t one for a lot of jewelry, but you can usually spot her wearing a single, simple piece, such as a dainty necklace. She’ll appreciate the understated whimsy of this gold-plated, brass snowflake pendant by jewelry designer Emily Elizabeth.


C.O. Bigelow Winter Cordials, $7.50 each. Available at BathAndbodyWorks.com

C.O. Bigelow’s best-selling lip shines are now available in four seasonal flavors: Vanilla Cream Eggnog (my absolute favorite), Hot Buttered Rum, Triple Hot Chocolate and Warm Spiced Cider. Each of these lip shines will soothe and hydrate lips and freshen your breath, while also giving your palate a small, sweet treat. Just remember to remind Lemon: it’s not okay to squeeze the entire tube’s contents into your mouth — no matter how delicious the flavor.


Soft Hug Wear Deluxe Travel Blanket, $15. Available at Walmart.com

Liz Lemon sorts don’t do well on airplanes and, if you remember the “Believe in Stars” episode, where Lemon thought she’d met Oprah during a flight to Chicago while under the influence of Ambien, then you know pharmaceuticals are not the way to make the traveling process more appealing. Instead, make sure the Lemon in your life has all the necessary goodies for a comfortable flight — such as a cozy travel blanket. This plush 50″ x 36″ will keep her dreaming of popsicles and cotton candy all the way through the flight.



Martin + Osa Nylon Oso Hobo, $160. Visit MatinAndOsa.com

This woman practically carrier her entire house in her bag (heck, when Liz was going though her baby mania phase, she had random booties in there!), so it’s important to gift her with a roomy purse that’s low-key, functional, and yet fashionable. This Martin + Osa bag has all the aforementioned requirements — plus, the nylon exterior will come in handy should Liz spill any coffee or hot chocolate on her new bag!


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Warm Winter Cocoas Gift Set, $17.99. Visit CoffeeBean.com

For Liz Lemon types, there’s one universal language: food. And, of course, there’s nothing that speaks to the holidays for her as much as warm cocoa, pecan pie, and gingerbread cookies. Since your Liz loves spending free time at home in front of the TV, she’ll appreciate the ability to sip a nice cup of hot cocoa while watching the Top Chef episode she DVR’d. This Warm Winter Cocoas gift set is the creme de la creme of hot cocoas (no pea-sized marshmallows or disgustingly sugary cocoa powder). The set comes with three flavors: White Chocolate (my personal fave), Special Dutch Chocolate, and Vanilla, as well as a tiny whisk (so she can feel like a Top Chef herself!).

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