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Kat Von D’s Metal Orchestra Eyeshadow Palette — A Lackluster Ruckus


After several hours of tinkering with Kat Von D’s Metal Orchestra eye palette (available at Sephora stores), I was straight-up livid — I’m taking about the type of ridiculous anger where you start fantasizing about enacting all types of silly, nonsensical, vengeful pranks. I wanted to pull a Perez Hilton and scribble all over one of Kat Von D‘s digital photos or have a gaggle of children prank call her —that‘s how mad I was about the quality of the eye shadows in this palette. After all, I’ve been a longtime Kat Von D advocate, and I had absolutely no complaints about her Sephora.com and Beethoven palettes — in fact, I raved about both of them. So, when I first saw the colors in the Metal Orchestra palette, I knew I had to have it. As I ventured home with my new purchase, I envisioned the many high-voltage, rocker-esque looks I could create with such vibrant, steely hues. But you know what they say about great expectations — they lead to great disappointments.

My biggest complaint: the palette incorporates a silver cream shadow dubbed Slayer, which is beyond difficult to apply or to manipulate. Seriously, I’ve had an easier time working with pieces of Play-Doh. The consistency is entirely too thick, so that it doesn’t just glide onto the lid (and it’s prone to clumping). The rest of the shades are much easier to apply and blend, but there isn’t enough of a contrast between the various shades for you to really create a well-rounded look with proper contouring, highlighting, etc. One side of the palette incorporates First Class, a shimmering, pearly white shade, and three blue shades: Dagger, a dusty, near-black hue with scattered blue speckles; Thrasher, a navy blue hue; and Techno, a high-shine sapphire color. The other side, meanwhile, features four goth shades: Slayer, a silver cream shadow; Razor Gray, an antique silver color; Gloth, a darker steel hue; and Lucifer, a dusty black.

Now, it’s possible to create an acceptable, smokey eye look with the the shades in the silver/black range (save for the atrocious cream shadow), but these eye shadows are still rather underwhelming (especially when compared to the vast array of similarly pigmented eye shadows in the market). What allured me to the Metal Orchestra palette was the range of blue hues. Unfortunately, only Techno provides an adequate color payoff. Thrasher is only a tad darker than Techno, so it doesn’t do much in terms of helping you contour the eyes. If you start with Techno as the lead color in your look and then apply Trasher to the outer V of each eye, hoping to add contour and definition, you’ll be shocked by how insignificant of a difference it makes. And while the Dagger shade is significantly darker, you still end up feeling like there should be a lighter shade to balance out the equation. Sure you can blend in some of the First Class but, once you do so, the look changes completely. Plus, if you mix the First Class with any of the three blue hues, you’ll wind up with virtually the exact same shade, which is a bit eerie.

Aside from the color issues, I also disliked the texture of these shadows. They feel dry to the point where, as you dip your brush into them, you feel like you’re raking a field or something similarly unpleasant. Plus, the color doesn’t go on evenly by any stretch of the imagination, so you have to keep going over the same surfaces time and time again.

And here’s yet another deal breaker: these shadows are not the least bit waterproof so, if a plump raindrop falls on your lids, you can kiss your whole look goodbye.

Now do you see why I was so mad? It’s actually quite sad considering how beautiful the shades look when swatched (check out the pics below). But hey, looks can be deceiving!

From left to right: First Class, Techno, Thrasher, Dagger


From left to right: Lucifer, Gloth, Razor Gray, Slayer


Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow – Metal Orchestra, $34. Visit Sephora.com


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