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Can Your Hair Get A Life With Biolustré?


I usually have very strong views on any product covered on Sicka — I’ll point out the strengths and weaknesses but, usually, I’m clear on which side outweighs the other. So, in that sense, Biolustré is making history as the first range of products for which I truly have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the four-step system does yield results (your hair will look healthier and have more volume and bounce). On the other hand, some of the steps are a complete hassle (will get to that in a minute) and there are some problematic aspects about the experience (and the ingredient list for these products).

Let’s start with what exactly Biolustré is — well, it’s a hair repair system that’s meant to reconstruct hair at a molecular level, hence adding some life to dry, damaged and color-treated hair. The system consists of four products: the Release Cleansing Shampoo, which removes excess oil and product build-up while also hydrating hair thanks to ingredients like aloe, hydrolyzed wheat protein and hair keratin; Restore Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo, a more gentle cleanser meant for daily use which includes Biolustré’s Lustreloc technology, a system that delivers low levels of a polymer that allegedly strengthens hair; the Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant, a lightweight conditioner with moisturizing jojoba oil, olive oil, menthol, tea tree oil and aloe, that seals moisture into the hair cuticle and soothes the scalp; and lastly, the Revive Instant Repair Treatment, an intense product that uses the aforementioned polymer technology to bind together different layers of hair to the shaft.

The Restore Daily Maintenance Shampoo is pleasant enough when you first apply it into the hair, as is the Release Cleansing Shampoo, but both have an unfortunate side effect – as you work the products into your hair, you’ll notice that the strands of hair start getting tangled. At first, I thought it was a freak coincidence, but then I noticed that every time I used these shampoos, the same thing occured — my hair would get tangled and knotted in the most bizarre manner. Sure, once I applied the Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant, my hair was detangled and normalcy was restored, but it was still an agitating and unexpected phenomenon. The Renew conditioner was perhaps my favorite product — it was gentle, soothed the scalp, and softened the hair, and it has a pleasant tea tree scent.

Ironically, the Revive Instant Repair Treatment, which is meant to be the crown jewel of the collection, was the most problematic product for me. My biggest disillusionment surrounding this product was the complicated nature of the application process. First, you have to wash your hair using the Release Cleansing Shampoo, rinse, and towel dry your mane. Then, you’re told to apply the Revive Instant Repair Treatment and to blow dry your hair (with the product still in it), being careful not to touch the hair at all as it could cause breakage. And finally, once the hair has been dried, you’re told to rinse your hair (again being careful not to touch it until all the product has been removed), and to wash it with the Restore Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo and Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant. Honestly, even relaying the instructions is exhausting. Who has this kind of time? A leave-in conditioner is one thing, but all the extra blow-drying? No, no, no. And the notion that you could break your hair by simply touching it is so incredibly frightening that the entire time the product was in my hair, I was a paranoid mess. These, of course, were my biggest gripes. But I must say that, once it was all said and done, my hair did look healthier and had a newfound softness. I was left wondering whether all the trouble had been worth it — and I’m still sort of torn about the issue. Given the sheer amount of haircare products in the market, it seems more than likely that I’ll be counting primarily on other options that involve less work (and less of a time commitment), but I can’t deny the treatment’s effectiveness either.

Now, here’s another issue that concerned me. As I looked at the ingredient list in each of these products, I noticed it included propylparaben and methylparaben — both of which have been historically used as preservatives in many cosmetics and body care products and which recent studies have shown could have dangerous effects. How so? Well, these studies found that both of these parabens were commonly found in breast tumor samples and that, hence, it’s possible that these substances can disrupt enzyme and endocrine activity, leading to potentially carcinogenic results. Scary, scary and scary. However, the FDA and the NIH still claim that parabens in low concentrations are perfectly safe and non-toxic, so whether parabens are as dangerous as some claim is still a subject of much debate (and most acknowledge that further research is necessary). Wherever you stand on the issue, though, it’s important that you know when a product does contain parabens so that you can make a decision accordingly.

Biolustré Instant Repair Kit, $49.95. Available at Biolustre.com

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