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Don’t Miss The Lisa Hoffman Sale At The Skinny!



I’m a complete sample sale junkie — and online sample sale sites are even more dangerous for me since you have to act so quickly that there’s no time to second-guess yourself. Somehow, when prices are slashed by 40-70%, I can justify all sorts of outlandish purchases — from buying teal elbow-length gloves when I haven’t even bought black ones to copping a pair of neon orange skinny jeans that go with, well, nothing. But for all my questionable purchases, I’ve also gotten some incredible deals on wardrobe essentials (that score way high on the style charts). So when I recently discovered The Skinny (http://www.shoptheskinny.com), a sample sale dedicated to beauty products, I was overjoyed, with images of luxe lotions, eyeshadow palettes, and shimmering lip glosses dancing in my head. Already amped about the site, I then found out they were having a Lisa Hoffman sale. I was like, “Hold on! Did they say ‘Lisa Hoffman’?” It was like dangling catnip before an eager Siamese kitty.

If you’ve been reading Sicka for long enough, you already know how much I adore Lisa Hoffman — from the Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Hand and Foot Butter to the Lisa Hoffman Day Cream SPF 15. And you can get all these products and more for up to 50% more. The Lisa Hoffman Spa Body Wash & Lotion set, for example, includes a Cleansing Gel and Body Lotion for $24.85 (from $41.45), while the Lisa Hoffman Luxe Home Spa set, which includes the Hand and Foot Butter and a Spa Shower Travel Set, is available for $27.50 (from $45.85).

And get this: Sicka readers will get an additional 10% off on Lisa Hoffman’s Vitamin A & C Serum by entering the code ACS10 at checkout.

Enjoy the Lisa Hoffman hotness at The Skinny


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