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Holiday Gift Guide Part 9 — For The Seductive, Retro-Loving Joan Holloway Type

Roger Sterling isn’t the only one whose heart skips a beat at the sight of Joan Holloway (or Joan Harris, if we refer to the newlywed by her married name), the voluptuous redhead who efficiently ran the Sterling Cooper ad agency (well, until midway through Mad Men’s third season, when she got hitched to a handsome doctor). Fortunately, those of you who tuned in for the Season 3 finale know Joan will once again keeping the advertising boys in check at their new upstart company — which should make for a really entertaining fourth season.

After all, Joan is more than eye candy for the boys and style inspiration for the girls:  she’s discreet and capable of keeping mum about the most sordid personal affairs pertaining to her superiors; she rules the secretary pool with equal parts charm and venom; she’s smart, focused, and determined (whether she’s reading TV scripts to help Harry’s newly formed broadcasting department or she’s playing the role of devoted wife); and she’s magnetizing — even when she’s having a decidedly bitchy moment. Best of all, maybe now that she’s working with Roger again on a day-to-day basis, the two will finally dump their loser spouses and get together (hey, a gal can dream, right?). If nothing else, we’ll get to see Christina Hendricks strutting her stuff in her hip-hugging dressed and pencil skirts, snug sweaters, intricate updos, red fingernails, and signature pen necklace.

Here, a gift guide inspired by Joan Holloway — and those who, like me, can’t get enough of her style.

Jill Of All Trades Dress in CEO, $49.99. Visit ModCloth.com

Remember the “Babylon” episode, where the Sterling Cooper boys had Joan gather all the secretaries in a room and have them test Belle Jolie lipsticks, as they watched their reactions through a one-way glass? In the episode, Joan wore a red dress much like this one, with a discreet but curve-hugging shape and a pretty scoop neckline.

1960s Inspired Gold Tone Pen Necklace, $20. Visit Amazon.com

The gold tone pen necklace Joan wears around her neck signifies her status as the resident Queen Bee — it’s the office manager’s equivalent of a royal specter.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Pumps, $182.70. Visit Couture.Zappos.com

While she loves to play up her feminine assets, Joan isn’t one for flashy displays at the work place. In fact, she chewed Jane’s head off for flaunting her decolletage at the work place. Her shoes, then, are simple and classic, with a pointed toe and a sensible pump.


Vintage Hand Chased Lipstick Holder With Blue Accent Stone In 800 Silver, $75. Visit AffordableVintageJewelry.com

Joan Holloway types take pride in having their makeup look flawless — and routinely reapplying lipstick is key. This retro lipstick holder allows her to keep her lip color safe and comes with a handy mirror for quick touch-ups.


Curations With Stefani Greenfield “Duchess” Simulated Pearl 29″ Necklace, $64.90. Visit HSN.com

Like most stylish women in the ’60s, Joan appreciates pearls — and the tassel at the tip of this four-strand necklace would be yet another selling point.


Peachbloom Velour Vintage 1960s Taupe Hat, $37.99. Visit MySweetiePiePie.Etsy.com

This pillbox hat looks like it belongs in Jackie Kennedy’s personal collection — and, as we all know (even if it’s from watching Mad Men), every girl wanted to be either a Jackie, a Marilyn, or both.


Kenneth Jay Lane White Crystal Wreath Clip-On Earrings, $68.85. Visit Bluefly.com

Domed round clip-on earrings abound in Joan’s jewelry box. They’re classic and simple, and they frame her gorgeous features, drawing attention to them as opposed to drawing the eye away from the face.


Mad Men Season Two DVD Set, $17.99. Visit Amazon.com

What could make a better gift for a die-hard Man Man fan than the Season 2 box set? She can rally on Joan’s behalf as the rivalry with Jane begins, cry with her when the news of Marilyn Monroe’s death hits the office, celebrate her engagement to a handsome doctor, secretly root for her to end up with Roger Sterling, and much more.


Estee Lauder Golden Lattice Powder Compact, $49. Visit EsteeLauder.com

Any woman with a reasonable concern for her appearance will make sure to carry along a compact — and, if she’s like Joan Holloway, she’ll make sure all the other ladies ogle at her beautiful compact as she powders her nose in the restroom.


Dior Babe Leather Frame Bag, $3730. Visit SaksFifthAvenue.com

The square shape of this leather Dior purse and its frame-like hinge top channels the subtle glamour of the early ’60s.


Vintage Chanel 3 CC Necklace, $795. Available at ShopWGACA.com

There’s a reason why What Goes Around Comes Around has earned such a vast fan base — the vintage boutique offers authentic designer pieces (jewelry, apparel, handbag, footwear, and more). Just in time for the holidays, WGACA is offering vintage lovers a chance to snag some authentic Chanel necklaces, like the 3 CC piece pictured above.


Chloé Intense Eau de Parfum, $98. Visit SaksFifthAvenue.com

What woman doesn’t like getting a dozen roses? The Chloé Intense eau de parfum features the rose notes from the original Chloé fragrance, as well as pink pepper, sandalwood, and Tonka bean notes. The pink pepper notes add a spicy, exotic quality perfect for va-va-va-voom gals like Joan.


Essie Lollipop, $8. Visit EssieShop.com

Though she’ll occasionally opt for sheer nude colors or pale pinks, Joan’s nails are most often coated with red lacquer. Essie’s new winter shade, Lollipop, has a lovely retro charm pus it has a jolly seasonal quality (it’s like the bright red nose of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in all the vintage caricatures and cartoon films).

Christian Dior Short Sleeve Sweater, $170. Visit Yoox.com

Though her bra cups are a-brimmin’, Joan isn’t one to wear low-cut tops or flaunt her cleavage. Instead, she opts for short-sleeved, scoop neck sweater tops that fit her like the proverbial glove.


Alberta Ferretti Wool Bouclé Pencil Skirt, $416.50. Visit Net-A-Porter.com

One of Joan’s favorite workplace-ready looks consist of a sleek pencil skirt and a short-sleeved sweater top or long-sleeved tie-neck blouse. To get that secretarial look during the colder winter months, a wool skirt like this Alberta Ferretti piece will more than do the trick.

Judith Jack Amarillo Marcasite 14K Gold Vermeil Brooch, $135. Visit Zappos.com

Intricate brooches are key when trying to pull off a pre-Mod ’60s look. By adding an elegant brooch to a sweater dress, a simple blouse, or even a scarf, Joan can add a bit of glam to even the most understated ensemble.


Emilio Pucci Tribeca Silk Twill Scarf, $295. Visit Bloomingdales.com

Though she prefers to leave her red tresses uncovered, Joan does occasionally wrap a scarf around her head (especially when she’s spending time at home with her new husband Greg). This Pucci scarf will look great whether it’s draped around the shoulders or tied around the head.


D&G Grey Vernice Pumps, $420. Visit Stylebop.com

These grey pumps have just a tiny bit of pink trim along the sole and heel for a coquetish, ultra girly feel.


1960s Pearl & Rhinestone Clip-On Earrings, $75. Visit BeautyCrisis.com to order.

These authentic vintage 1960s earrings feature four pearl stones, set in sterling silver and arranged in a crescent moon shape, with a row of rectangular rhinestones adjacent to it.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Ruched Felted Gloves, $129. Visit LaGarconne.com

Sophisticated ladies won’t bare their arms when walking outside — instead, they cover them up with elbow-length gloves like these Zero + Maria Cornejo ones.


Burt’s Bees Polka-Dot Perfect Mani-Pedi Gift Set, $20. Visit BurtsBees.com

This adorable Burt’s Bees mani-pedi set, packaged in a retro red case with white polka dots, includes a nail file, a tube of Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme, a Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme, a tin of Burt’s Bees Lemon Oil Cuticle Cream, and a tube of Replenishing Lip Balm.

Vintage ’60s Bonwit Teller Red Nylon Coat With Navy Blue Embroidery and Belt, $95. Visit RiceAndBeansVintage.com

This red coat feature a brick-like print created with navy blue embroidery, as well as eight front buttons and a navy belt — the perfect way to cinch that waist and show off those killer curves.

Gal Pal Say It With Love Retro Ice Pack, $16. Visit Unique-Vintage.com

Whether she’s at home with her hubby or she’s at the office with all the advertising execs, Joan is always having to play caretaker. In fact, Joan was the one who saved McKendrick from bleeding to death when Lois took a John Deere tractor for a spin around the office and ran over his foot. But that Season 3 accident was particularly garish — most times, what Joan has to cure are hangovers, headaches, and bruised egos. And, in two out of three of those cases, these ice packs would come in handy.


Vintage 1960s Ashtray, $40. Visit VintageLooks.com

You may not condone smoking, but back in the ’60s, there were practically more cigarettes than light bulbs being lit. Sure, maybe the Joan Holloway-esque gal in your life knows better than to entertain this habit but, if she won’t give up the habit, then she might as well have a nice ashtray to keep the rest of her house ash-free.

POP Beauty Pin Up Beauty Kit, $9.99. Visit Ulta.com

Though Pop’s Pin Up Beauty Kit is mostly inspired by the ’40s pin-up girls, the influence of these women carried over into the ’50s and early ’60s thanks to Marilyn Monroe’s soaring popularity and to the consistent usage of similar visuals in advertising campaigns. From neutral colors to dark blue shades, this palette has a hue for every outfit in your Joan Holloway’s closet.

Jean Paul Gaultier Maille Femme Short Sleeve Sweater, $149. Visit Yoox.com

It’s all about the details with this Jean Paul Gaultier Femme sweater — from the sleeves’ French cuff, which makes them balloon just the slightest bit, to the way the collar sits right at the neck, providing ample coverage, and the way the fabric hugs the wearer’s bosom.


Vintage February Coat, $149.99. Visit ModCloth.com

There’s something about redheads wearing dark green colors — it just works. Joan Holloway is well aware of this heavenly match, which is why she often drapes herself in forest green and emerald green garments and jewels. This dark green coat would bring out her coloring and the fur collar would add the necessary posh quality.


Crosley 302 Classic Red Wall Phone, $65. Visit CSNStores.com

This rotary wall phone resembles the one Joan’s been answering these days when Greg is away at the ER and Roger calls to hear her Marilyn Monroe-esque, purr-y voice.


Magnolia Bakery Aprons, Starting At $22. Visit MagnoliaBakery.com

Ever since her trip down the aisle, Joan’s been trying to manage being a working woman with taking care of her household — and, of course, that involves spending time in the kitchen. If you have someone in your life who’s got the cooking bug, she might appreciate one of these retro aprons from Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan.


Marcel Wanders For Target Candle Tapers, $14.99 For Set of 2, and Pillar Candles, $19.99 Each. Visit Target.com

Sure, at the conclusion of Season 3, Mad Men has yet to enter the Mod era (Twiggy’s minis and white patent leather boots haven’t made a splash just yet), but it’s only a matter of time before Joan has to redecorate to get into a groovier mood. She can start with these sculptural candles by Marcel Wanders for Target.


Portolano Leather Gloves, $185. Visit BergdorfGoodman.com

These opera-length leather gloves will keep any ladies’ arms cozy in the winter time while also giving her a polished look.


Rolfs Nostalgia Collection Cigarette Case. Visit Ebags.com

Joan is way too tidy to simply toss her cigarettes inside her handbag. No, she’d have them stored in a nice case, such as this embossed brown leather case.


1960s Gold Flower Pearl Clip-On Earrings, $95. Visit BeautyCrisis.com to order

These dome-shaped gold earrings feature a center made of pearls arranged in a daisy-like shape, creating fan even daintier, more ladylike look.

Shabby Apple Madison Avenue Dress, $76. Visit ShabbyApple.com

I fell in love with this dress the moment I laid eyes on it. From its tulip-shaped skirt to its trench coat-like buttons, slightly puffed sleeves, and its cheeky houndstooth print, Shabby Apple’s Madison Avenue dress manages to capture a retro feel without looking the least bit dated. Need another reason to buy it? Get this: Shabby Apple donates 5% of its net profits to Unitus, an organization that provides micro-credit loans to women in developing countries.

Soap & Glory Plane Jane Gift Set, $22.94. Visit Target.com

Packaged in a cheeky, newspaper print-covered vinyl toiletry bag, the Soap & Glory Plane Jane set includes: a 5 oz. bottle of the Clean On Me Body Wash; a 1.69 fl. oz. jar of the Flakeaway Body Scrub; a 1.69 fl. oz. bottle of Righteous Butter Body Butter;
a 1.69 fl. oz. Hair Supply tube; a 4.2 fl. oz. tube of Great Shakes Hand Cream;  a 3.4 fl. oz. Girligo Body Spray bottle; and a pink bath pillow.


Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup, $35.50. Visit Sephora.com

When it comes to applying powder, Joan Holloway types would opt for patting their faces with thick powder puff over buffing them with brushes. Lancome’s Dual Finish powder provides excellent coverage, proving that pressed powder is not just a thing of the past.


Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy by Mary Tomer, $17.50. Visit Amazon.com

Michelle Obama has already established a reputation as the most stylish First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. And just like Joan adored Jackie, current-day, Joan-like gals would adore Michelle and her modern but demure take on presidential fashion.

Sur La Tete Posey Pillbox Hat, $24.95. Visit VillageHatShop.com

This pillbox hat is a lovely shade of pink — it would go perfectly with the sweater Joan wore when she announced her engagement to all the girls at the office.


Sophie Hatbox Shaped Jewel Box, $93.95. Visit Bellacor.com

In the ’50s and ’60s, when women covered their manes while outside, it was essential to keep hats in their cases so they could stain clean and retain their shapes. And, of course, eventually the hat boxes themselves became a fashion statement. This jewelry box celebrates the shape of these vintage hat boxes.


Vintage Black Scalloped Lace Beaded Dress, $38. Visit NodtoModVintage.Etsy.com

The beaded lace sleeves on this vintage dress add a quaint touch to the basic silhouette.


Jade Green 60s Vinyl Vanity Suitcase, £45.00. Visit StardustOnline.com

Messenger bags and duffle bags had yet to become acceptable luggage styles in the ’50s and ’60s — and, while modern styles maximize convenience and comfort, they tend to lack the kind of easy style found in most vintage suitcases.


Cafe Bustelo’s The Bustelo Supreme Basket, $64.99. Visit JavaCabana.com

Part of Joan’s job as an office manager at Sterling Cooper involved making sure the executives always had coffee available to them (and, of course, having a few cups herself to stay alert). A modern-day Joan Holloway, then, would appreciate this Bustelo gift basket, which includes six Bustelo coffee cups and saucers, an imported coffee pot, and a one-pound bag of Bustelo Supreme beans.


Kahlua Coffee Cream, $17.99. Available at most liquor stores. Visit Kahlua.com

A gal like Joan appreciates both coffee and liquor, and Kahlua’s new Coffee Cream fuses together both of these worlds. It’s like a ready-to-serve White Russian — but sweeter (and minus the vodka). That means not having to worry about fetching the milk and mixing the Kahlua and dairy together.

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