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How Sweet It Is — Essie Winter 2009 Collection





Essie got the sweet tooth for the holidays, offering fans a trio of colors inspired by seasonal treats. At top, you’ll find Mint Candy Apple, a light, creamy color the shade of mint chocolate chip ice cream or pastel green Jordan Almonds. Next, there’s Rock Candy, a very pale, ultra sheer version of the bubblegum pink color found in rock candy crystal sticks or cotton candy puffs. And finally, there’s Lolipop, a vivid red hue like that found in the old-school cherry lollipops with the white smiley faces or in candied apples.

Out of the three shades, Lolipop is my absolute favorite (and yes, Essie spelled it with one “l” in the middle, so don’t get on my case about typos, m’kay?). It reminds me of Cherry Twizzlers, red gumdrops, and retro ’60s-era dresses, shirts, and aprons in red with white polka dots — all things that make me smile. The Rock Candy is also a pretty color — especially if you prefer a subdued, natural look, It’s the type of shade you could use on its own or which you could use as the foundation for a French manicure. It is, however, rather sheer (if you get any dirt under your fingernails, you’ll be able to see it right away), and it takes a good three coats before there’s any type of real coverage. Mint Candy Apple is perhaps the most distinctive shade in the bunch, but it also requires a daring, adventurous spirit. Personally, I found I couldn’t really pull off the shade — I don’t think it works too well with my coloring. From far away, it looks great, but as you zoom in closer, it looks less and less flattering. But again, that’s because of my coloring, so it could very well be that the shade would look phenomenal on someone else.

Below, you’ll find photos of what the shades look like on my nails.

Essie Lolipop


Essie Mint Candy Apple


Essie Rock Candy


Essie Lolipop, Mint Candy Apple and Rock Candy, $8 each. Visit EssieShop.com

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