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Say “Felicita” With Borghese’s Festivo Collection


Speaking to the joyful spirit of the holidays, Borghese has released its Festivo collection, which consists of six hues inspired by shining gemstones and lush fabrics like velvet, cashmere and silk. The Festivo collection includes: Prima Platinum, a glimmering silver color; Gusto Golddust, a yellow gold hue; Festivo Fuchsia, a shimmering fuchsia pink color; Ecstasi Indigo, a rich dark blue; Brava Black Cherry, a red-tinged , near-black shade; and Magnifico Magenta, which has a creamier, less shimmery look and feel than the fuchsia hue and more of a red base.

I tried out samples of the Festivo Fuchsia and the Gusto Golddust lacquers (graciously provided by Borghese’s PR team), as you’ll see in the photos below. The Festivo Fuchsia is the color of pink tourmaline, while the Gusto Golddust is a yellow gold hue with a white luminosity to it. Interestingly enough, these two colors have plenty of sheen (meaning they have a metallic finish), but not a lot of sparkle (meaning that there isn’t that glittery finish we tend to see in holiday polishes). I don’t know that, had I been strolling down the cosmetics aisle in a drugstore, these hues would’ve really popped out to me sincetThey’re not particularly complex or innovative tones — but, at the same time, they are pleasant and pretty (even if they don”t exactly reinvent the wheel).

The Borghese Festivo Collection lacquers are available for $8 each at drugstores nationwide.

Here’s what the Festivo Fuchsia looks like on:


Here’s a pic of the Gusto Golddust on nails:


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