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A Cyclops’ Life Cycle — Neon Monster’s New “Mitch Plush” Toy



Today, San Francisco-based toy emporium Neon Monster released a new, eco-friendly version of its Mitch character, a comic book-inspired cyclops creature originally dreamed up by Neon Monster founders Jacob and Isaac Pritzker. This time, however, they gave Mitch a softer edge by turning him into a squeezable plush figure.

To make their idea a reality, the Pritzkers enlisted the help of Reuben Rude, an artist who served as a colorist for such celebrated comic book titles as Spawn and who worked as  a product designer for leading toy manufacturer StrangeCo. They then turned to Lauren Venell, founder of plush toy company Sweet Meats, and asked for her guidance in manufacturing the three-dimensional plush figure so as to streamline the complex design.

The 14" Mitch Plush, available in pink or gray, is made of 100% recycled fleece and features beans inside its hands and lower torso so as to weigh the figure down and prevent it from flopping around all over the place (I mean, what kind of cyclops would Mitch be if he didn't stand tall, right?). Each toy is packaged inside a reusable, custom plastic bag. Only 500 pieces of the gray version were produced so, to all you limited edition hoarders, you've been forewarned!

I think if I'm gonna go for a third eye, I might as well make it that of this quirky cyclops toy!

Mitch Plush, $39.95. Visit NeonMonster.com

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