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Amenity Home’s New Spring Collection — Fern-tastic!






For Spring, bedding and textile company Amenity Home is debuting its new fern design which, of course, was inspired by the fern — a plant that can grow in a wide range of habitats (from moist soils in tropical forests to rocky mountainous surfaces) and which became revered by Victorian era artists, who referenced the plant in wood etchings, sculptures, paintings, pottery works, and more. The new collection consists organic cotton duvet covers, decorative pillows, runners, placemats, and flat prints donning the Zen-like, leafy print.

Founded almost 6 years ago by Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo, Amenity Home focuses on eco-friendly designs with a simple, clean aesthetic. Similarly, then, their color palette seeks to create a coziness inside their customers’ homes –whether it’s via warm, sunny yellow-ish and orange-tinged hues or soothing, sky blue-esque colors. The fern design, for example, is available in an amber color, a leafy green, a peacock blue, and a gray-ish khaki color.

Do you want your house to be a Field of Dreams? Then this is a good place to start.

The new spring collections hits stores this month. For more information, visit AmenityHome.com

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