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Be An Amazon Woman With Wembe’s All-Natural Soaps


Based on the photo above, wouldn’t you think you were about to read about some exotic cheesecake or maybe a creamy piece of Tiramisu? Wrong! I, too, had to do a double-take when I unwrapped the bar of Wembé White Rose Cleansing Blend soap I was so graciously sent by the line’s PR agency. For a minute there, I felt like I was in a Top Chef episode, about to dig my fork into a pretty dessert made by an ambitious, highly experimental chef (like Season 6 winner Michael). But then I read the label again and realized it was, in fact, a bar of soap (thankfully, I didn’t attempt any sort of taste test!).

So what’s the story with these soaps? Well, Wembé is a Paraguayan line of luxury organic soaps made of natural ingredients found in the Amazon rainforest blended with vegetable oils and moisturizing butters. The line includes 16 types of soap (from the Mango Cleansing Blend to the Green Blue River Exfoliating Blend), each developed to suit an array of skin types and to address a number of skin concerns.

The White Rose Cleansing Blend soap features hydrating cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and natural rose petals. The soap’s texture is really fascinating — when you first try it, the top of the soap bar feels a bit grainy so that, when you run it over damp skin, it gently exfoliates (with more washes, that grainy layer sort of disappears but initially there is a coarser texture); the bottom of the bar, meanwhile, has a much creamier consistency that’s really gentle and soothing against the skin.

In terms of the scent, let me be clear: though the soap contains rose petals, you shouldn’t expect it to smell like, say, YSL’s Paris or some other really strong Bulgarian rose-based floral perfume. The rose scent is way more primal here — you can actually smell the lush, green notes, which give the rose a slightly muskier and yet more refreshing scent. It’s also not a particularly feminine scent, so your hubby or beau can use it without any trepidation.

But the best part, of course, is the end result — smooth, replenished, moisturized skin. Though these soaps are designed for use as facial cleansers, I actually used the White Rose Cleansing Blend soap for the entire body and loved how silky my arms and legs felt after each use.

Wembé White Rose Cleansing Blend, $9.70. Visit Wembe.com

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