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Bobbi Brown’s New Brow Pencils And New Brightening Lip Gloss Shades — Instant Gratification And Beautification



I’ve never been too fond of eyebrow pencils. For me, the goal is to fill in any sparse areas and shape my brows by streamlining the arch and extending the entire shape, but I want the final result to look natural, not like what you’d spot on a To Wong Foo character. And frankly, I’ve found most brow pencils to be a complete hassle — either they’re not the right shade to match my brow hair color or they wind up making my brows look like clumpy, caterpillar-like squiggles. So imagine my surprise when, loaded with skepticism, I tried Bobbi Brown‘s new Brow Pencils and found myself loving them. Yes, Bobbi, you have turned me into a brow pencil believer.

For Spring 2010, Bobbi Brown introduced a range of creamy brow pencils that glide onto the skin tenderly, without creating the least bit of friction or abrasion — a huge plus for me since the skin around the eye area is so incredibly sensitive. While the brow pencils feel creamy as they glide on, the color doesn’t actually look like a gel or cream but has a dusty, powder-like finish for a subtler effect. The pencils are available in five shades: Blonde, Mahogany, Wheat, Dark Blonde and Grey. After playing with Bobbi Brown’s Mahogany Brow Pencil, I was amazed at how easily I could give my face a pick-me-up by simply filling in my brows and hence effectively framing my face.

Below, you’ll find swatches of two brow pencil shades, along with some photos demonstrating how my eyebrows looked before and after applying the Mahogany Brow Liner. In one photo, I went for a lighter effect, simply filling in any bald spots along the brow line, while in another, I extended my brows and created a stronger, more geometric shape.

Brow Pencil in Blonde (l.) and Mahogany (r.):


Her’s a look at my natural eyebrows (bald spots and all):


Now, here’s a look at my brows wit just a tad of the Mahogany Brow Liner applied right along the existing brow line to fill in any gaps:


Lastly, here’s a photo of my eyebrows after applying the Brow Pencil more generously, thickening the inner area of the bra and extending each side so as to line it up with the outer corner of each nostril (theoretically, if you draw a straight line upward, starting from the outer corner of your nostril, that’s where your brow line should start).


Bobbi Brown Brow Pencils, $20 each. Visit BobbiBrownCosmetics.com




In addition to the Brow Pencils, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics also added two new shades to its Brightening Lip Gloss collection: the perky pink Popsicle and the peachy Nectar.

Below, you’ll find a swatch of the Popsicle lip gloss color, as well as some pictures of it on my lips so you can get a sense for what it looks like on the lips. What I love about the shade is that it’s a sheer, wintry pink that makes your pout look a bit plumper and more luscious. Check out the photos below and see for yourself!


Bobbi-brown-popsicle-swatch Bb-lipgloss-swatch


Check out what the color looks like on the lips:



**Please note that press samples were submitted to STA for the purpose of this review

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