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Get Laced Up With MAC’s Love Lace Collection


There’s something so fascinating about lace. On the one hand, we associate it with blushing brides and girlish frocks that celebrate the innocence and purity of youth. On the other hand, it can convey an alluring seductiveness, which is why it’s often used in the construction of lingerie (and why Prince has staged some unforgettable stage fashion moments in it). MAC’s Love Lace collection plays on the mysteriousness of this fabric, with frosted and cool shades of eye and lip color, hues that seem to transform under different types of light, adding to their enigmatic quality.

The Love Lace collection includes lip glosses in sheer pale pink and mauve, frosty lipsticks in a gray-ish taupe and a pale pink, eye shadows in velvety frosty gray blues, mauve, and white shades, as well as the dramatic 44 Lash faux eyelashes, a gray nude nail lacquer, and the return of MAC’s Kohl Power eye pencils in intense blue, blackened red, and a deep black.

Pictured below are all the products in the collection, along with swatches ad descriptions of some of the items I had the chance to try for myself!


MAC Lipstick in Intricate and Pretty Please, $14 each, and MAC Lipglass in Icescape and Utterly Discrete, $14 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

For the lips, MAC envisioned lipsticks in lustrous, frosty texture and Lipglass colors that provide just a sheer wash of icy color. The collection includes two lipsticks: Pretty Please, a pale pink pearl color, and Intricate, a purple-tinged gray taupe hue. There are also two Lipglass colors: Icescape, a sheer pale pink, and Utterly Discrete,  cool mauve hue.

I had the chance to check out the lipstick in Intricate and was absolutely smitten with it. What I love most about the shade is how dramatically it changes when you look at it under different types of light. Under a yellow light (or in dim lighting), it looks like a soft taupe shade with a pearly finish that imbues it with a slightly Arctic feel. Under white light (or in the sunlight), however, the color looks like more of a gray-ish lilac, shimmering like an oil slick. To get an idea of how different the shade looks, check out these two pics. Incredible right:

Intricate Lipstick under yellow light (below, at top) and white light (below, at bottom):

Intricate-swatch  Intricate-swatch-2



MAC Zoom Lash Mascara, $13; MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating, $14.50; MAC Kohl Power in Raven, Sense of Style, and Feline, $14.50 each; MAC 44 Lash, $13; and MAC Nail Lacquer in Light Affair, $12. Visit MACcosmetics.com

One of my favorite parts of the collection is the return of the Kohl Power liners (which are back for a limited time only). This time, they brought back Raven, a blackened red color and one of my all-time faves, as well as Intense, their black hue, and added a brand new shade: Sense of Style, which is a marine blue color. The collection also includes a white eye kohl (Fascinating), the Zoom Lash mascara, and a pair of dramatic faux lashes that create a winged effect around the eyes (Lash 44). Plus, there’s a new nail lacquer shade: Light Affair, a creamy gray taupe color (more details on it below).

MAC-Love-Lace-Hypnotizing-Eyeshadow-1 MAC-Love-Lace-eyeshadow

MAC-Love-Lace-Suave-Intentions MAC-Love-Lace-Pincurl-Eyeshadow

MAC Love Lace Eye Shadows in (left to right, from top row) Hypnotizing, Love Lace, Suave Intentions. and Pincurl, $14.50 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

You might assume that a lace-inspired makeup collection would include tons of white, black, or maybe even silver hues, but MAC is way too creative to give us such obvious color choices. Instead, it opted for frosty shades in the blue-ish range: Hypnotizing, a grayish mauve wine color; Love Lace, an intense. grayish navy blue; Pincurl, a gray-ish white; and Suave Intentions, a silvery light blue. All the shades are so frosty, they’re practically metallic, which makes your eyes feel like beautiful icicles.

I had the chance to check out the Suave Intentions and Hypnotizing shades. Both had a fantastic, velvety feel. I love how the Hypnotizing shade has gray-ish undertones that give the mauve color an unexpected romanticism and how the Suave Intentions has a soft wintry feel.

Check out these swatches of Suave Intentions (pictured at left in first photo below and at bottom in second photo) and Hypnotizing (pictured at right in first photo below and at top in second photo):





MAC Love Lace Collection Light Affair Nail Lacquer, $12. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Lastly, I tried the Light Affair nail lacquer shade, which is a bit lighter and milkier than your average nude shade and has grayish undertones. At first, I wasn’t sold on the color (if you’re light-skinned, it can make you look like you have no fingernails whatsoever), but as the days passed, I started appreciating the shade more and more. It wouldn’t necessarily be my go-to shade, but it’s definitely interesting and unique.

Here’s what it looks like on my nails:


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