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Guerlain’s Spring 2010 Collection Spreads Cherry Blossom Cheer


When creating Guerlain’s Spring 2010 collection, Olivier Echaudemaison found inspiration in Japan’s unofficial natural flower: the Sakura (or cherry blossom). Though there are over 400 types of cherry blossoms in Japan, the Somei Yoshino, a white flower with only a hint of pink, is a favorite. Other varieties, such as the Yaezakura, boast rich pink petals. Cherry blossoms are so revered in Japan that it’s traditional  to hold hanamis (or viewing parties), where friends picnic under a mantel of trees. Most Japanese cherry blossom trees reach their height in mid April, which is why they’re believed to herald the coming of spring. One of the most fascinating aspects of these blossoms is their temporal nature — once they bloom, it’s usually only a week’s time before the flowers fall from the trees, their petals and leaves covering the surrounding ground. Because of their short life span, cherry blossoms are enshrouded in mythological and philosophical beliefs about the ephemeral nature of life and the need to appreciate every fleeting moment. Considering all these facts, then, it’s easy to see how the cherry blossom could inspire a spring beauty collection — and Echaudemaison definitely did it justice.

The collection includes the Eye Shadow Palette in Jeu D’Ombrelles, which features four romantic, feminine shades: a pearly golden white, a deep smoky purple, a light yellow-ish pink, and a rosy violet. All of the shades are embossed with a whimsical, kaleidoscope-esque print that gives every shade a silky, pink sheen. Another central item in the collection is the Blush Eclat in Cherry Blossom, which features a mosaic of open blooms, layered atop each other like beams of sunlight. Though there are several shades of pink in the blush compact, the prevalent one is a soft and almost ethereal peachy pink.

In addition to these stunning palettes, the Spring 2010 collection features Guerlain’s new Rouge G le Brilliant, a lighter, creamier version of its Rouge G lipstick, available in 10 permanent shades.  The KissKiss Strass, meanwhile, features a new formula that gives lips way more shine and is also available in 10 permanent shades.

Below, you’ll find images of these offerings, along with swatches, that will make you feel like you’re in the midst of a spring fling!


The Eye Shadow Palette in Jeu D’Ombrelles, pictured above, celebrates the gorgeous colors found naturally in the cherry blossom (yellow-ish white, pale peach-y pink, and deep rose pink) and adds a bit of drama with the incorporation of elegant purple hues that could pay homage to the color of the sky at dusk or the reflection of these trees in lakes at night.

The photos below show what these eye shadows look like on the skin. As you’ll see, all the shades have a dusty, smoky quality to them that makes them really soft and pretty. The shade pictured at top is rather light — it’s the pearly white shadow in the quad which, when swirled with the pink overlay, makes for a slightly peachy hue with tons of sheen. I moved clockwise through the palette while swatching the shades so that the shade pictured at top corresponds to the eyeshadow located in the top left quadrant of the palette, and so on.

Check out the photos below (the one on the left was taken in a low-light scenario whereas the one on the right was taken using natural sunlight):

 Guerlain-jeudombrelles-swatches Guerlain-eyeshadow-swatches

Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette in Jeu D’Ombrelles, $59. Visit Nordstrom.com


This blush compact is so incredibly pretty that it’s hard to even think of tampering with the etched design. And yet, when you sweep your brush along the surface of the compact, and apply the color to your cheeks, you’ll be glad you did. The peachy pink shade adds just a flush of color to your cheeks, as if they’d just been pinched.

Guerlain Blush Eclat Compact in Cherry Blossom, $49. Visit Nordstrom.com


I love the design of the new Rouge G le Brilliant lipstick — from the metallic silver case to the built-in mirror along the top and the magnetic quality of the closure. In terms of the color, the lipstick glides one easily and feels deliciously creamy without being too thick, sticky, or heavy. The colors are pretty sheer and they pack a lot of sheen while still looking like lipsticks (as opposed to glosses).

As previously mentioned, the lipsticks are available in ten shades. I had the chance to check out two of them: Brit B40 and Blondie B01. The Brit B40 shade is a sheer peachy color, whereas the Blondie B01 shade is a light nude rose hue. Below, you’ll find photos of these two shades (the Brit B40 is pictured at top and the Blondie B01 is pictured beneath it).


Guerlain Rouge G Le Brilliant in B01 Blondie and B40 Brit, $46 each. Visit Nordstrom.com


Last but not least, here are some of the KissKiss Strass shades available for Spring 2010. I didn’t get a chance to try any of these, but I must say that magenta color pictured above is calling my name!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass Lip Color, $31 each. Visit Nordstrom.com

***Product samples submitted for review were used to write this piece.

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