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MAC’s Warm & Cozy Collection — Makes You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy

As the frigid winter cold sets in, we all dream of staying home and nestling inside a cozy lounge chair, a soft throw draped around our shoulder and a cup of piping hot cocoa within reach. Anything that references warmth is a welcome image: whether it’s a deep embrace, a soft cashmere or wool blanket, a comfy nook by a fireplace, golden candlelight, or a warm spiced beverage. MAC’s Warm & Cozy collection plays upon these references, offering a range of neutral and golden tones with silky or shimmering finishes.

Here, a look at the collection, along with some swatches!



MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Warm Me Up, Spiced Tea, and Siss (as pictured above, from left to right), $14 each, and Tinted Lipglass in 2N, 3N, Feeling Dreamy, and Light That Fire! (as pictured above, from left to right), $14 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

The Warm & Cozy collection includes three lipstick shades: Warm Me Up, Spiced Tea, Siss — all muted neutral shades with undertones that range from rosy (as with Warm Me Up) to baked brown (as with Spiced Tea). The collection also includes four Lipglass shades — 2N, 3N,  Light That Fire!, and Feeling Dreamy— which again have an inviting but subdued warmth, like a flickering candle light.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Light That Fire! lip gloss (at top) and the Warm Me Up lipstick (at bottom). As you can see, the Light That Fire! shade has a peachy-coral undertone that makes it a bit more orange-like, whereas the Warm Me Up shade is a frosty beige rose color. I’m completely smitten with the Warm Me Up shade, since it’s the type of shade that can also be incorporated into a spring or summer look (especially the latter, when you’ve got bronzed skin and you want just a hint of color on the lips),




MAC Eye Shadow in Chamomile, Modelette, Embark and Mulled Cider (as pictured above, clockwise from top left), $14 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

I love the fact that the eyeshadows in this collection have a dusty, satin-like finish. After all the sparkles we saw during the holidays, it’s nice to see some shades that are a bit more mellow and which yield just a hint of color (as opposed to a revolutionary surge of pigment). The colors rage from Chamomile, a yellowish ecru shade, to Modelette, a brown eggshell color, Embark, a deep dusty brown with wine undertones, and Mulled Cider, a warm taupe hue.

Pictured below, you’ll find a swatch of the Mulled Cider hue:




MAC Lip Conditioner Tube, $13.50; MAC Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15, $13.50; and MAC Nail Lacquer in Blissed Out and Dim the Lights, $12 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

This collection is as much about color as it is about a sensation — that comforting, home-y feeling we associate with warm respites in the winter. To that end, then, MAC incorporated some skincare and lipcare items in the collection — among them the Lip Conditioner Tube and Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15 pictured above. I haven’t tried either, so I can’t really speak to their benefits or drawbacks, but I did want to mention them as part of the overall collection.

What I did try, however was the Dim the Light nail lacquer, the lighter shade out of the collection’s two polish shades. I’m actually not particularly fond of neutral nail polishes since I feel like they make my hands look like they’re made of plastic or something (as if I didn’t actually have fingernails), so I was surprised that I enjoyed this shade so much. Sure, it’s a nude color, but there’s a warmth to it that makes the fingernails pop out a bit. Check out the photo below for a look-see:




MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15, $14.50. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Along with the color-less lip conditioners pictured before, MAC released two tinted lip conditioners (as seen directly above) for this collection: Feelin’ Good, a sheer neutral rose hue, and Close for Comfort, a tawnier, peachier chestnut brown. I tried out the Close for Comfort color and wasn’t all the way sold on it. As far as lip balms go, this one is only mildly therapeutic, so I wouldn’t have it replace my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment or my La Mer The Lip Balm, and the color payoff is minimal. Personally, I’d rather stick with another more potent balm to keep my lips hydrated and smooth, and then reach for the lipsticks and lip glosses in the collection for any desired color.



MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Candlelight and Comfort, $27 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Pictured above are the two skinfinish shades in the collection, both meant to add an alluring golden finish to your face. Since I wasn’t able to try either, I won’t wax poetic about them but I must say the Candlelight shade looks like a pretty golden rose color.


MAC Mineralize All-Over Lotion, $29.50, and Care Blends Essential Oils in Sweet Orange + Lavender and Grapefruit + Chamomile, $19.50. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Since the focus of this collection is a more natural look, you’re going to want to let your skin breathe (rather than cover and conceal it) — and that means it has to look and feel worthy of some caressing.  The Mineralize All-Over Lotion is a fragrance-free and color-free moisturizer which can be applied to either the face or the body. It’s readily absorbed, so you won’t have to arduously rub it on for it to penetrate the skin. That being said, it is very gentle and light so, if you have very dry skin (which I do), you’ll probably need something with a bit more bang.

As for the Care Blends Essential Oils, they’re meant to be used alone or under makeup to soothe and pamper the skin (or, you can mix them with makeup for a softer, lighter consistency). Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of either of the scents, so that’s the biggest complaint for me. I associate lavender with nursing homes (something about the scent just makes me think of really old people! lol) and chamomile has this medicinal link in my mind (probably because of how often I’ve had to drink it to cure head colds), so neither of these scents will make me feel sexy, desirable, or at ease. So, of course, I’m totally passing on the oils but, if you don’t share my freakish dislike of these scents, you may want to check them out!

*Note: Press samples from MAC Cosmetics were received so as to write an in-depth review of the collection.

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