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Need Some “ME” Time? — Mineral Essence Organic Lipsticks and Lipglosses

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Though the company launched in 2003, I only recently heard of Mineral Essence, which offers antioxidant- and vitamin-rich mineral cosmetics that are free of parabens, preservatives, chemical additives, and synthetic oils or talcs. On a purely ideological level, I was drawn to the company’s rhetoric, how it champions antioxidant-rich, 100% organic cosmetics. Sure, a range of plant-based cosmetics may not sound like the most revolutionary concept in 2010 (after all, lines like Tarte Cosmetics, Josie Maran, and Pur Minerals have set hearts a-flutter with their own botanical makeup collections), but only a handful of companies (such as those previously mentioned) have managed to introduce quality eco-friendly cosmetics with interesting pigment options and a pleasant texture. The upscale, green beauty market, then, isn’t exactly saturated yet. I figured maybe Mineral Essence was a well-kept secret — and, if so, I was ready to bust the lid wide open on that one.

My first experience with Mineral Essence involved two of its marquis lip products: the Vitarich Lip Treatment, a creamy and surprisingly emollient lipstick packed with moisturizing antioxidants like grape seed oil, vitamin E, sweet basil oil, cassia, cinnamon leaf oil, and peppermint leaf oil; and the new Lush Lips Lipgloss, a sheer, high shine gloss containing safflower seed oil, aloe, chamomile flowers, ginseng, cactus extract, green tea and white tea to protect, soothe, moisturize, and naturally plump lips. The Vitarich Lip Treatment is available in five shades: Peachy Keen, Pink Crush, Very Berry, Ice Crystal, and Sun Kiss’d. The Lush Lisps gloss, meanwhile, is available in six shades: Ripe Perry, Hot Pink, Flirty Rose, Exotic Pear and Mimosa.

For the purpose of this piece I received a sample of the Mineral Essence Vitarich Lip Treatment in Pink Crush, a pretty rosy nude color, and the Mineral Essence Lush Lips Lipgloss in Hot Pink, a shade that can best be described as cross between flamingo orange and salmon pink (yes, it looks as unappetizing as that cross-pollination of pigments sounds).

The Vitarich lipstick felt really pleasant — the color practically melted onto the lips as I swept the lipstick across my lips, and the texture was creamy but not overly thick or clumpy. Plus, the peppermint oil, vitamin E, and grape seed oil all hydrated and soothed lips. I did, however, notice that the color was prone to feathering (where color migrates towards the outer edges of your lips) and that it the finish was a bit off — not quite matte but hardly high shine material. And while I thought the Pink Crush shade was pleasant enough, I doubt I’d pay $16 for it. The beauty junkie in me far outweighs the fledgling green crusader inside so, while the lipstick’s botanical ingredients are a draw, I’d rather keep my pout moisturized with a top-notch lip balm and then indulge in a truly alluring nude lipstick shade (and at that price,I might as well spring for something from MAC or Shiseido!).

And while my overall reaction to the Vitarich lipstick was positive, I wasn’t quite as fond of the Lush Lips gloss. Sure, I only tried one shade, and I wish I had been able to familiarize myself with more of the shades — especially since Hot Pink was hideous to the Nth degree. Frankly, the Hot Pink color made me feel like Ugly Wanda (Jamie Foxx’s famous In Living Color character). I’m all about adventurous colors, but they have to look chic and elegant, and this one just doesn’t fit the bill for me. Plus, it was a bit too watery and the color didn’t quite stick to the lips evenly (if you look at the swatches below, you get a sense of the runny consistency).

Pictured below is a photos of the two shades (the Lush Lips in Hot Pink at left and the Vitarich Lip Treatment in Pink Crush).

My advice? Stay far, far away from the Hot Pink lipgloss but, if you’re vowing to green your lifestyle, you may want to give the Vitarich Pink Crush lipstick a whirl.

Mineral Essence Lush Lips in Hot Pink (top) and Vitarich Lip Treatment in Pink Crush (bottom):


Mineral Essence Vitarich Lip Treatment in Pink Crush (On Lips):


Mineral Essence Vitarich Lip Treatment, $16 each; Mineral Essence Lush Lips Lipgloss, $18 each. Available at MineralEssence.com, Beauty 360 and SEARS Beyond Beauty.

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