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Portico The Escapist Bath Grains — A Sweet Escape


A relaxing bath should feel therapeutic but not medicinal (unless, of course, you’re taking a soak to relieve poison oak or some very specific ailment). But most times, what we long for in our baths is a respite from the stressful storm of everyday life, a sensuous, indulgent, tranquil experience that titillates our senses but calms our spirit. Portico’s The Escapist Bath Grains help you reach this Zen-like state, and they go beyond the call of duty by conditioning skin with healing and hydrating botanical extracts and minerals.

Available in three scents (Cucumber + Grapefruit, Blood Orange + Jasmine, and Amber + Olivewood), the Escapist Bath Grains feature the following ingredients: Epsom salt, which relieves aches and pains; sea salt, which exfoliates and smooths the skin; vitamin E, an antioxidant that moisturizes and protects the skin from free radical damage; grape seed oil, which contains essential fatty acids that hydrate and repair damaged skin; and olive leaf extract, a highly moisturizing ingredient with powerful antioxidants.

When I tried the Blood Orange + Jasmine bath salts, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fragrance dispensed. I sometimes find bath salts to emit such a powerful smell, that they overload rather than tickle the senses — heck, some can actually give you a sinus headache, and there’s nothing relaxing about that. These salts, however, emitted just the right amount of fragrance. The Blood Orange + Jasmine bath grains feature top notes of blood orange, sparkling orange, and mandarin leaves, which help to awaken the senses, heighten mental acuteness, and invigorate the spirit. At the heart of these grains, you’ll find notes of orange blossom flowers and jasmine, with the latter adding a gentle feminine allure to the whole experience.

Aside from the scent properties, I also appreciated the fact that the salts dissolved so nicely in the water — when I drained the tub, I didn’t find bath crystals coating the tub (a huge relief since the aggravation of cleaning those up basically nullifies the bath’s calming effect).

Most of all, I loved that my skin felt soft and silky after the bath — even after soaking for quite some time, which can often dehydrate the skin.

So if you’re feeling like you need a vacation from it all, here’s a getaway you can stage right in your bathroom.

Portico The Escapist Bath Grains, $26 each. Visit PorticoSpa.com

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