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Sleep Tight With Clinique’s Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer


I’m a sleepyhead. Always have been. My dad claims that, when he tried to wake me up for school as a kid, the first words out of my mouth were “Five more minutes!” Decades later, I’ve become intimately acquainted with my alarm clock’s snooze button (I guess you could say we’re frenemies). So, of course, I’m a fan of anything that works while I sleep. And if it makes me look better when I wake up in the morning, then that’s all the more reason for me to love it (hey, I need any incentive I can get to crawl out of my comfy bed). Overnight treatments and creams, then, have always scored major points with me. Some of the best I’ve tried include Perricone MD’s Evening Facial Emollient and Sundari’s Neem Night Cream. And now, Clinique’s Youth Surge Night is in my evening cream holy trinity.

Released this month, Clinique’s Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Moisturizer is designed to minimize the appearance of visible aging signs (meaning fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, and more) while also promoting cell turnover and repair. The main ingredients are: NADH, which is an indispensable agent in facilitating DNA repair (plus, the way NADH works is that, the more NADH a cell has available the greater the repair capacity); Isoniacinamide, which also helps to repair skin cells; the repair enzyme Micrococcus Lysate; the amino acid Hydroxyproline, which promotes natural collagen formation;  Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which also stimulates collagen formation; Siegesbeckia Orientals Extract, a botanical extract that prevents collagen breakdown, hence keeping the skin looking supple and wrinkle-free, and which is often utilizes in products meant to eradicate stretch marks; white birch extract, which helps maintain natural elastin so the skin’s elasticity remains intact; and the energy molecules Adenosine Phosphate and Creatine, which help to power these processes. The moisturizer also includes antioxidants like Baikal Skullcap extract, mulberry root extract, vitamins C and E, rosemary leaf extract, and Japanese Knotweed extract — all of which help to protect your skin from free radical damage. Lastly, Youth Surge includes coleus extract and cholesterol-potassium sulfate to strengthen and repair the skin’s natural barrier, wheat bran extract to moisturize and reinforce the skin surface, and Padina Pavonica extract to protect the skin from environmental damage.

I love the texture of the Youth Surge Night — it’s literally fluffier and more lightweight than freshly whipped butter. If you just run your fingertips along the top of the cream and glide the moisturizer on your skin, it will be absorbed very quickly — which is unusual with evening moisturizers, which are often a bit too rich and can make you feel like a glazed ham. When I apply it, I feel my skin tighten a bit around the mouth and eye areas (where my wrinkles seem to be creeping up), but it’s a very gentle sensation (again, some anti-aging creams yank at that skin, but this one is extremely tender to the skin). In the morning, when I awake, my skin looks way more radiant, the skin’s surface itself looks smoother, and the skin tone more even.

Because I have really dry skin, I opt for the Very Dry to Dry option but those clever Clinique dermatologists came up with Youth Surge Night creams for every single skin type: Dry Combination, Combination Oily to Oily, and Very Dry to Dry.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: when it comes to moisturizers, Clinique’s offerings never disappoint and Youth Surge Night just reaffirms my belief in the brand.

Clinique Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer, $48.50. Visit Clinique.com

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