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Space Age Nails — Np2 Quantum Leap And Blue Planet Nail Lacquers




I first became acquainted with Np2’s nail lacquers during a press preview last year, during which I had the chance to get a sneak peek at the brand’s holiday collection. The varnishes in the holiday 2009 range included the two shades pictured above: Blue Planet, a midnight blue shade, and Quantum Leap, a Jetson family-worthy silver hue. I was intrigued by the shades, wondering what they would look like on my nails, but I was most fascinated by the packaging of these lacquers: how a clear top coat, packaged inside a pyramid-shaped bottle, was stacked atop a color of nail lacquer. Each polish, then, consists of two parts: a top coat bottle, and the colored nail enamel, which features an indented bottle cap meant to lock the top coat bottle in place. The two-for-one nature of the packaging is beyond ingenious, not to mention sleek and futuristic.

But, of course, it’s what on the inside that matters (my mom would be so proud to see me writing that phrase! ha!). I had the chance to try Blue Planet and Quantum Leap, and I’ve included photos below for you to get a better feel for what the shades look like on nails (as opposed to inside the bottle). I was really excited to try Blue Planet, but was surprised at how dark the shade looks when applied. In the bottle, it looks like it will be an extremely iridescent azure shade but, on the nails, it looks like a blackberry hue. The blue undertones are mainly visible when the light hits the nails, and that’s when it looks its absolute best, but, in low lighting, your polish will appear black. Nevertheless, it’s a distinctive and unusual hue.

Oddly enough, while I was less eager to try Quantum Leap, it turned out to be my favorite of the two. The silver shade has tons of sheen and it has a sci-fi feel that made me think of the Silver Surfer character from the Marvel Universe.

Below, you’ll find photos of the two shades and what they look like on the nails!

Blue Planet:

 Np2-blue-planet-polish-on-nails Np2-blue-planet-on-nails

Quantum Leap:

Np2-quantum-leap-polish-on-nails Np2-quantum-leap-on-nails

NP2 Blue Planet and Quantum Leap, $22.50. Visit NP2Beauty.com

**This piece is based on press samples submitted for review purposes

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