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The Dermify Initiative — An All-Natural Acne Solution


Hopefully, you caught the pun in this post’s title (if you need me to spell it out for you, it’s a play on “the Darma Initiative,” a reference to a group of researchers in the show LOST). Okay, I’m done celebrating my own cleverness! Let’s get back to business. Today, I want to introduce you to Dermify, the first all-natural skincare line designed to combat acne and treat acne-prone skin. Now, I’ve seen plenty of other acne-specific lines that feature botanical ingredients (from white birch to aloe and chamomile), but this IS the first time I’ve seen a range of products that relies exclusively on natural ingredients. There’s absolutely no benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in Dermify’s products, which is revolutionary in and of itself since these are the vital ingredients in most acne products (reach for the nearest tube of Clearasil or Proactiv and you’ll see them listed at the very top).

So how exactly does Dermify work? The Dermify All-in-One Solution can be used in various forms. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it’s recommended that you use it as a cleanser twice daily, applying onto damp face using circular motions and removing with warm water after 60 seconds. For a potent, all-over treatment, you can also use the product as a mask, applying a thin layer all over the face and allowing it to dry for 20 minutes, then rinsing off. And, lastly, you can utilize it as a spot treatment, dabbing it directly on any blemishes. The product has a greenish tint to it and a texture similar to that of most purifying clay masks (in fact, the look and consistency really reminded me of Wei East’s China Clay Herbal Purifying Mask, which I use rather regularly) so, if you do use it as a blemish treatment, it’s best to apply when you’re going to be inside (or before bed) since it is extremely noticeable and not exactly alluring.

In terms of the science behind it, the product contains minerals that exfoliate the skin, sloughing away dead cells and clearing up pores, as well as purifying clays (such as the sedimentary deposit kaolin, which is commonly referred to as “china clay,” and bentonite, which is believed to inactivate toxins) that draw out impurities and skin-clogging bacteria, and botanicals that actually penetrate the skin to kill the bacteria deep inside each pore. The plant-based ingredients that detox and soothe the skin include: meadowseet flower extract, white willow bark extract; bergamot oil; ylang ylang flower oil; grapefruit seed extract; oregano leaf extract; olive leaf extract; calendula flower extract; goldenseal root extract, lavender extract; thyme extract; and arnica flower extract.

I used Dermify as a spot treatment various times, applying it to the affected areas before bedtime, and I did notice that the blemishes shrank substantially after being coated with the product. Even better, the product didn’t sting or burn while on the skin. Still, if you have very sensitive skin (which I do), you should be careful when using this product because, though it doesn’t contain any abrasive chemicals, it’s still rather intense. When I used it, I noticed that, upon rinsing, my skin looked a bit red and inflamed. Sure, the blemishes shrank in size and began to heal, but I did have that pesky redness to grapple with. That being said, my skin doesn’t tend to respond very well to any acne treatments — most of the time, they result in major redness, flaking, burning, and peeling — and this product was a major step up from most of those I’ve tried in the past. And hey, there is something to be said about minimizing the amount of chemicals we apply to the skin.

Dermify All-in-One Solution, $39.99 (order today and get it, along with a free Hydrating Lotion tube, for just $19.95). Visit Dermify.com

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