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FACE Stockholm Chrystal Deodorant — So Fresh And So Clear


First things first, let’s debunk some of the myths surrounding perspiration and the products made to address the phenomenon. There are two basic categories of products that tackle that unpleasant odor emanating from sweaty armpits: antiperspirants, which focus on controlling the amount of sweat released by your body (and most rely on aluminum salts to do so), and deodorants, which seek to kill odor-causing bacteria as opposed to regulating the amount of sweat released. Personally, I’ve always preferred deodorants since I feel like sweating is a natural process whereby the body expunges many toxins and hence I don’t feel like it’s wise to hamper that process from taking its natural course. But, even if you opt for deodorants over antiperspirants, there’s the tricky issue of aluminum content. Some scientific research has linked aluminum content to Azlheimer’s disease and, since most deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum, that means many of us might be putting ourselves at risk by relying on this products. The most obvious precautionary message: finding an all-natural deodorant that’s effective and contains none of these potentially harmfully chemicals.

Sounds easy enough, right? Not so much. The truth is I hadn’t found an all-natural deodorant that I truly loved enough to have replace my stash of Secret roll-ons — that is, until I tried the Chrystal Deodorant from FACE Stockholm. For one, it has a roll-on applicator, making it a cinch to apply. Next, it goes on clear (as opposed to, say, the Lavanila Healthy Deodorant or the Toms of Maine deodorant sticks). Unscented and hypoallergenic, the Chrystal Deodorant focuses on neutralizing odor-causing bacteria through a mixture of pure mineral salts, while chamomile soothes the skin.

I found the deodorant extremely effective — it kept me feeling (and smelling) fresh even on days when I had on about a million layers of winter clothing and was forced to stand in boiling spaces where shedding some of these layers was simply not an option. I also appreciate the fact that the deodorant doesn’t try to conceal odors with artificial baby powder or floral fragrances (those never fool anyone, right?).

If you’re looking for an all-natural deodorant, I definitely recommend checking this one out!

FACE Stockholm Chrystal Deodorant, $9 for 90 ml bottle. Visit FACEstockholm.com

**This review is based on a press sample submitted for review by the company’s publicity department.

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