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Felicia Jackson Fall 2010 Collection — Once Upon A Time…


As much as I love the controlled chaos of the Bryant Park tents and the elaborately produced runway shows staged therein, there’s a different type of excitement surging through my veins when I check out a show or presentation by an up-and-coming designer at a smaller, cozier location. The source of my thrill earlier today: a presentation by emerging designer Felicia Jackson at the DEX New York boutique.

Originally from upstate New York, Jackson spent a few years living in San Francisco, studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and working for such casual wear companies as Levi Strauss and American Eagle Outfitters. Recently, she returned to New York and began working on her eponymous collection, which she eagerly debuted today.

The collection consists of wearable dresses and separates in versatile prints and cozy fabrics that all point to a confident interpretation of femininity. Some of the pieces seem to practically travel in time, taking age-old silhouettes and re-interpreting them for a modern consumer. Take, for example, a ’60s-esque,  “secretary”-style, tie-neck dress, which is made youthful and cheeky through the handkerchief-like cut of the skirt, and the slightly lower neckline. Or consider how a simple dress with a ’60s-inspired, color-blocked design is given an urban twist through the addition of front pockets and elastic bands at the cuffs of the elbow-length sleeves (which add to the dress’s utilitarian feel).

Even the most coquettish and most form-fitting pieces boast details that exude strength and resilience. A sleeveless black wool jumpsuit nods to classic menswear tailoring, featuring three front buttons along the bodice and lapels along the collar, but the slim cut of the  pants creates a figure-flattering shape that’s sensual without being over-the-top. The usage of leather for the lapels, meanwhile, adds a lovable urban grit. Numerous pieces incorporate these “urban warrior”-esque details — from leggings with leather waistbands to sweaters with golden chains — but again, the looks remain soft and girlish, never venturing into leather-clad, Lara Croft-ish territory.

To show off the collection, Jackson created three separate sets, all based on a classic fairy tale, and placed three models in each miniature set. Though the collection itself wasn’t inspired by these fairy tales, the concept worked perfectly as a visual way to showcase the line. The first set, “Cinderella,” alluded to the classic tale through the usage of props like a dress form, a curtain with bird details, and a foot stool. The second set, “Alice in Wonderland,” featured props like a mushroom-shaped stool, oversize playing cards featuring the Queen of Hearts, teacups sitting atop a tiny table, and a room divider meant to look like a white garden fence, with silk floral pins hanging throughout. Lastly, the “Snow White” set referenced the tale through the inclusion of the wall mirrors, a plush red chair, and tons of apples strewn about.

DEX New York created the makeup for the show, focusing on three different looks to correspond with each set. For the “Cinderella” models, the makeup artists went for an illuminated, dewy look, with frosted, silvery cheeks, pale pink lips, and silvery white eyeshadow (accentuated with the occasional rhinestone detail). The “Alice in Wonderland” models wore slightly darker pink lipstick (more of a hot pink shade) and rosy cheeks. Perhaps the most dramatic look was saved for the “Snow White” models, who donned bright orange-y red lips and yellowish chartreuse eyeshadow.

My absolute favorite piece in the collection: a sequin cropped jacket in a silvery rose color with black Fleur de Lis details, which was showcased within the “Cinderella” segment. Oddly enough, the model wearing this jacket also had my favorite makeup look in the show (scroll down for a closer look!).

Take a look at the garments and the makeup in the pics below! And for an added treat, check out this video of Felicia Jackson discussing the initial inspiration behind her designs and the way the set came to life!











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