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NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils — Nice And Smooth


Ever tried a product and wondered how on Earth no one came up with this before? It’s amazing how sometimes we overlook the most obvious of inventions. The NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils are a definite example of that phenomenon. These jumbo-sized crayon pencils can be used to create a thick eyeliner strip or, more importantly, you can glide them all over your eyelids and eye crease to deliver the type of high-impact pigment you’d find in a powder or cream shadow.

The new Soft Touch Shadow Pencils are available in three shades: Skorpios, a shimmering copper; Aigle Noir, a charcoal black with gold speckles; and Goddess, a pink champagne hue.  As soon as I saw these at Sephora during a recent outing, I knew I HAD to have them (they were like the proverbial puppy in the window, just calling my name). And since I hate depriving myself (*insert roaring laughter here*), I indulged and bought the Skorpios and Aigle Noir pencils.

I loved the creaminess of these pencils and how they feel so delicate (even on the tender skin on the eyelids), never scratching or yanking at your skin. The pencils feature jojoba oil and avocado oil, among other ingredients, which moisturize lids and serve as an emollient, making the pencil’s texture all the more pleasant. Another plus is that, thanks to the pencil shape, you can apply the shadow color onto your lids very precisely, covering as much or as little of the crease and the brow bone as you desire. Similarly, you can make the strokes along the brow bone and crease as curved or angular as you wish (depending on whether you’re going for a more geometric look or a softer, more traditionally feminine look). The Skorpios shade is particularly stunning on lids, since the coppery color works well with almost any ensemble and illuminates the face.

My main critique of the pencils is that they do smear quite easily. I applied the Skorpios color, covering the entire lid area, and gliding the pencil along the crease. About an hour later, I checked my makeup and was shocked to realize that there was a sparse area right along the middle of my lid, as the color had migrated to the crease and the lash area, leaving a streaky mess along the center of the lid. So disappointing! I did, however, discover a solution to the problem. If you apply a nice primer (like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion) and a flesh-toned shadow along the lids and then layer the NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil atop that, the pigment will have greater staying power. Also, adding just a hint of setting powder atop the pencil can do the trick.

Check out swatches of the shadow pencils below!



NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, $24. Available at Sephora.com

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