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Dare To Rock Out With Kid Dangerous’ Spring 2010 Collection




The line’s name may be Kid Dangerous, but there’s no style caution necessary with these pop culture-inspired tees, thanks and sweatshirts. The Los Angeles-based line hopes to position itself as a hipster-ready, street-flavored line with a punk edge and an irreverent tone and, this far, it’s doing a great job of accomplishing that goal. Sure, the garments themselves are pretty basic: crew neck tees, racerback tanks, scoop neck tanks, sweatshirts, zip-up track jackets, hoodies, and other casual wear. The distinguishing factor, then, is the choice of graphics, which tends to be rather inventive, witty, and tongue-in-cheek.

I’m particularly fond of the tees featuring song references, such as  a black tank with the words “Tear Us Apart” in bold gold foil letters (a nod to the INXS classic “Never Tear Us Apart”) or a gray tee with an image of a traffic stop sign bearing the words “Don’t Stop Believing” (a reference to the Journey song by that name that makes my Glee-loving heart glow).

For Spring 2010, Kid Dangerous is introducing new pieces with song references that will appeal to ’80s babies such as myself. Among my favorites is a sweatshirt with the lyrics to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” running along the front in neon bright letters (pictured at top). Made of 100% cotton, the sweatshirt features exposed seams so that it appears to be inside out, as well as a cut-off neckline that allows it to fall off one shoulder in a very Flashdance-esque manner. The waistband, meanwhile, remains intact so that it maintains a flattering silhouette. Another standout is a scoop neck tee with small cap sleeves featuring the words “Pretty Young Thang” in tall, thin, letters (with the first letter in each word printed in silver foil and the remaining letters printed in white for extra contrast against the black backdrop). The tee manages to immortalize the King of Pop in a subtle manner (none of those moonwalking silhouettes that have become the go-to visual references for Michael Jackson memorabilia). By simply featuring the words to the classic Michael Jackson song, Kid Dangerous manages to celebrate MJ’s musical legacy in a simple and unexpected way. Literally, as soon as I saw this tee, I felt like singing, “I want to love you (PYT)/ Pretty Young Thing/You need some lovin’ (TLC)/Tender lovin’ care/And I’ll take you there” (heck, I’m singing as I type!). Between the “Like A Virgin” sweatshirt and the “PYT” tank, I’m having my very own “I Love the ’80s” moment.

The “Maneater” sweatshirt, meanwhile, appears to reference both the classic Hall & Oates cut and the tabloid-esque images of yore with the comic book-esque font and the slightly blurred image of a vampy, Linda Evangelista-meets-Marilyn Monroe woman standing before a mirror and applying her lipstick before a night out on the prowl.

The new spring offerings will hit stores, as well as the online Kid Dangerous store, in late February, so get ready to add some danger to your life!

Kid Dangerous “Like A Virgin” Cut-Off/ Inside Out Crew Neck Sweatshirt, $62; Kid Dangerous “Maneater” Sweatshirt, $62; and Kid Dangerous “PYT” Two Sided Scoop Neck Tee, $40. Available at the end of February at KidDangerous.com

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