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Tarte Natural Lip Stain Pencils — They Make Mouths Happy!


Ahhh, Tarte’s Natural Lip Stain Pencils, how do I love thee? I love you when you’re in my makeup bag. I love you when you’re on my lips. I love you when you’re orange. I love when you’re red…. Okay, okay, I’ll wrap up my “roses are red/violets are blue” ode to Tarte‘s new Natural Lip Stain Pencils but, seriously, ladies, these are an absolute must-have.

Like Tarte’s best-selling cheek stains, the concept behind the Natural Lip Stain Pencils is the idea of skin nourishing makeup that amplifies the natural pigments in your skin (or in this case, on your lips), delivering a subtle infusion of color. The pencils are shaped like jumbo crayons and are available in six shades: Moody, a deep berry; Amused, a bright pink; Lust, a scarlet red; Enchanted, a seductive rose color; Charmed, a light carnation pink; and Joy, a  peach orange. Each of these pencils features peppermint oil to moisturize and cool lips, vitamins C and E to protect your pout from free radical damage, jojoba oil to soften and smooth the lips, and Tarte’s proprietary LipSurgence complex, which delivers moisture at a cellular level and hence makes your lips appear fuller.

I was able to try two of the new Tarte Natural Lip Stains:  Charmed, a light pink color that will transport you to the innocent days of childhood, with the color reminding you of everything from Strawberry Shortcake‘s floppy hat to your favorite Cheer Bear stuffed animal; and Joy, an orange-y peach color that will remind you of a tasty scoop of orange sorbet. Not only are the colors adorable, but their texture is heavenly — to say that they’re creamy would be an understatement because you can literally glide them onto your lips and barely feel a thing, since the color seems to practically melt onto your lips upon contact. The pencils are not the least bit abrasive (which, even the best lipsticks tend to be) or sticky (like most lip glosses). And, when you’re done applying the color onto the lips and you do the requisite mirror check, you’ll notice the effect is understated, adding just a bit of a flush to the lips. Another selling point: the color looks creamy and just a tad shimmery on the lips, making your pout look all the more kissable.

I’m so obsessed wit these now that I’m about to go buy the remaining four colors!

Here’s a look at the Tarte Natural Lip Stain Pencil in Charmed (pictured below, at top) and Joy (at bottom):



Next, check out what the Tarte Natural Lip Stain in Charmed looks like on the lips:


And here are a couple of pics of me wearing the Natural Lip Stain Pencil in Charmed (with no other makeup on):



See how just a hint of the lip stain livened up my otherwise bare face? Pretty neat, right? Okay, I’ll stop raving now before I break into another poem about these!

Tarte Natural Gel Lip Stains, $24 each. Available at Sephora.com

**This post is based on samples submitted for editorial review by Tarte’s publicity team

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