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Love To Love Ya — Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Part II

Like I told you ladies before, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, Sicka Than Average has you covered. Here, the second installment of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Hopefully, it’ll make your hearts flutter a bit too!


Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick, $19.50, and Estee Lauder Kissable Lip Gloss, $18. Visit EsteeLauder.com

What bears more promise than a soft, tender good night kiss at the end of a romantic date? There’s countless ways in which we express love, but there’s something so magical about two people’s lips touching: it’s why we place so much emphasis on that first kiss, why couples finish off a marriage ceremony with a kiss to seal the deal… Needless to say, you need those lips to be in prime form for Valentine’s Day — and Estee Lauder has you covered with its “Love Your Lips” collection. Just in time for this lovers’ celebration, EL released four alluring shades of Kissable Lip Gloss (“Pink Kiss,” “Cherry Kiss,” “Sweet Kiss,” and “Coral Kiss”), all packaged in sleek tubes with the word “Love” printed all over the clear tube. In addition, Estee Lauder unveiled 12 new, limited-edition shades of its Signature Lipstick, including Coral Kiss, Spanish Red, Pink Kiss, Lush Rose, Cherry Kiss, and Chelsea Rose. For added flair, these creamy lipsticks have the word “LOVE” carved into the actual lip color.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the EL Signature Lipstick in Coral Kiss (pictured at bottom) and the Kissable Lip Gloss in Pink Kiss (at top):


Tournaire “Palace” Ring, $16,652; Tournaire “Citadelle” Ring, Price Available Upon Request. Available at Tournaire at ViewPoint (Visit VPNYC.com or call 800.237.9477).

When it comes to those we love, we want nothing but the best. We wish we could set them up in palaces or maybe buy them a small island. And while an actual castle might be of the question, you can still convey the sentiment with one of Tournaire’s new Villa rings. The entire collection of rings was inspired by Medieval-era Jewish wedding rings, which were shaped like buildings to symbolize the couple’s new home together. By giving someone one of these Tournaire rings, then, you’re conveying that notion of building a life and a home together. Pictured above, you’ll find the handmade “Palace” ring, a gorgeous 18k rose gold ring featuring a purple sapphire stone, along with tzavorites and diamonds. I love the Byzantine shape of the palace’s curved, spade-like windows and how the placement of the purple sapphire creates a domed shape reminiscent of  the prevalent architectural styles during the Byzantine era. Next, you’ll find the 18k gold and diamond “Citadelle” ring, which features such incredible details as a set of stairs along the ring’s curved band.

Loeffler Randall Payton Cut-Out Pumps, $170. Visit LoefflerRandall.com

These funky Loeffler Randall pumps, which feature a 95mm covered heel, bring to mind the vibrant colors and geometric patterns of Swinging Sixties-era fashions in London.

Bottega Veneta Knot Lucertola Clutch, $1980. Visit Barneys.com

As if the pink color of this Bottega Veneta frame clutch wasn’t enough of a selling point, take a look at that push-lock knot closure. Now, THIS is what I call tying the knot!

Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Colors, $2 each. Available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide. Visit WNWbeauty.com

Wet ‘N Wild decided to revamp its image for 2010, testing out new technologies to ensure higher quality products and developing a new vibrant and sophisticated palette — while still keeping its product price points under $5. The new Megalast nail lacquers deliver high impact color that lasts way longer than your typical polish thanks to a resin polymer that helps the color adhere to the nail. Plus, the shades are sexy and whimsical (without seeming too teenybopper-ish). I was floored by the three nail lacquer hues I tried: Candy-licious, a mauve-ish pink carnation color, Heatwave, an electrifying orange red, and Caught Red Handed, a deep sangria color. Any man will want to hold the hand of a girl with nails so fly!

Here’s what the Candy-licious and Heatwave look like on nails:



Nike Valentine’s Edition Women’s Dunk High, $79.99. Available at Sneakerhead.com

When it comes to Valentine’s Day-themed footwear, Nike never loses its footing. This year, they dismissed the heart motifs and went for a more versatile yet still V-Day appropriate design: a pair of hi-top dunks made of varsity red canvas fabric and featuring a white polka dot pattern, elongated white Nike check signs that circle around the sneaker heel, and white laces.


Chef’s Choice M840 WafflePro “Five of Hearts” Express Waffle Maker, $69.99 Visit Amazon.com

With this handy appliance, you can serve your honey breakfast in bed —and make the presentation all the more appealing, with each waffle shaped like a heart. Hey, it’s the small details that make all the difference!

Temple St Clair 18K Rose Gold Angel With Dolphins 21mm With Pave Diamonds Pendant, $3700. Visit TempleStClair.com

Can you see her halo? Then give your angel a cherub of her very own to can keep close to her heart with this divine Temple St Clair pendant. The rose gold pendant features an image of a cherub embracing a dolphin, a moitf that was inspired by Renaissance sculptor Andrea del Verrocchio’s bronze Cherub With Dolphins statue, which was originally commissioned by Loreno Medici to adorn the fountain in his family’s country estate.


PUMA Campus Grip Bag, $60. Visit PUMA.com

This sporty, oversize bag features a lilac pink backdrop with a bright peony pink vinyl trim. Roomy yet stylish, it’s an ideal accessory for a casual day out on the town.


Beauty Blender Sweetheart Special, $28.95. Visit BeautyBlender.net

I’ve been a fan of Beauty Blender’s teardrop-shaped sponges since the moment I used them to apply some foundation or concealer onto my face. These sponges are sturdy enough to withstand months of use, but they’re so flexible that you can contour them as needed to reach those little nooks (like, along the nostrils or right below the tear duct area). This set includes two sponges, along with ten single-use cleanser packets.


EOS Smooth Sphere in Summer Fruit, $3.29. Available at Walgreens stores nationwide.

Made with 100% organic ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and shea butter, this antioxidant-rich lip balm keeps your pout hydrated and protects it from environmental hazards — plus, the sphere shape allows you to apply the balm without having to use your fingers (so you can avoid any germs). I love how the top of the sphere twists and locks in place, so that you can toss the lip balm in your purse and not worry about the top falling off and the lip balm getting dirty and gross. Plus the tropical scent of the Summer Fruit flavor will make you feel sexy and ready for some serious kissing action.

Bath & Body Works P.S. I Love You Shower Gel, $10.50; Body Lotion, $10.50; and Eau de Toilette, $29.50. Visit BathandBodyworks.com

Bath & Body Works’ latest scent, P.S. I Love You, is the type of fragrance that will add some pep to your step, energizing your spirit and livening up your senses (much like the feeling you get when you’re in love). The invigorating fragrance has a nice kick to it thanks to the sparkling citrus notes while rose and amber notes give it a sultry touch. Just a hint of this fragrance on your skin might have you feeling like reenacting the dance scene in 500 Days of Summer.

Nina Critia Heels, $99.95. Visit Zappos.com

Why get a woman flowers when you can get her shoes? And shoes with coquettish rosette details on them? You just can’t go wrong! Besides long-stem roses won’t accompany you for a night out dancing.

Michael Aram Wisteria Vase, $55. Visit MichaelAram.com

This 3.75″ tall, nickelplated vase features a twisted vine design curving along the vessel, which curves outward a slight bit as you move from the base to the top rim. It’s a vase worthy of Bree Van de Kamp’s living room — and, considering how persnickety that woman is, that’s saying a lot!

Orka Mastrad “Hearts” Chocolate Fondue Set, $20. Visit Amazon.com

There’s something so erotic about feeding your significant other — whether it’s holding a chocolate-covered strawberry with your fingertips and bringing it to his/her mouth, or it’s bringing a forkful of cake to his/her lips. But why not up the ante and mix things up a bit? With this chocolate fondue set, you can dip anything from pieces of bread to strawberries, cherries, and banana bites into an indulgent melted chocolate mix and then use the elongated forks to feed your beloved. It’s a sexy present that will help to create a romantic mood and will heat up both of your passions. The set includes the heart-printed ceramic pot, along with four forks, a tealight holder, and a steel warming stand.


Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani Kit, $9.99. Visit Target.com

There are a few things as annoying as breaking part of a nail and not having a nail file handy. That’s why every gal should invest in a few manicure tools she can tuck inside her handbag for any necessary touch-ups. This manicure set includes all the essentials for perfectly groomed and manicured hands: a pair of nail scissors, a set of nail clippers, cuticle clippers, four wooden cuticle sticks, a nail brush, a washable salon board, slant tip tweezers and a four-way nail buffer (so you can file, smooth, buff, and polish the nails). No wonder they call it the “handy dandy” mani kit!


Neff Strawberry Cupcake Beanie, $27.98. Visit ShoppeHub.com

If your muffin lives for cutesy, cheerful things, she won’t be able to contain her smile when she looks at this quirky, adorable cupcake-themed beanie hat by Neff. It even has a cherry pom on top!


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