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Bijules Sample Sale Today At Gilt.com!




Starting today at noon, fans of jewelry designer Jules Kim’s edgy and adventurous Bijules line will have a chance to score some rare pieces at a fraction of their original price thanks to an exclusive sale hosted by beloved sample sale site Gilt.com. Though I can’t reveal all the pieces that will be on sale (have to leave you ladies with at least a hint of suspense!), here are a few of choice picks which the foxy Miss Kim shared with me.

Pictured above, you’ll find images of some marquee pieces from the Bijules Scream and Spirit Spring 2010 collection: the Bone Bar Ring (as shown at top), the Boning Earrings (second from top), and the Bony Knuckle Ring (third from top). These particular pieces are clearly all inspired by the shape of human/animal bones, mimicking the long and thin shaft of the diaphysis and the ridges and contours along the articular extremities. The Bony Knuckle Ring, for example, seems to mimic the structural form of the femur (or thigh bone), while the Boning Earrings resemble the shape of the fibula bone (located below the knee and next to the tibia bone). By centering on a basic components of human/animal anatomy, Kim’s collection speaks to the innate artistry of vertebrate beings, the mystery and majesty found in nature.

And, of course, the bone motifs have a certain eerie, dark quality to them, which also adds to the collection’s allure. In many ways, the collection underlines all the reasons why I love Bijules jewelry. Unlike other lines that focus on the dainty or the traditionally pretty, Bijules bucks convention, drawing inspiration from the most unexpected of places and fearlessly exploring the taboo and the forbidden. It’s Kim’s ability to take the outlandish, odd, or even creepy and transform it into something beautiful that I find so remarkable.

And that, my friends, is why I’ll be logging on to Gilt eagerly when noon rolls around. Are you in?

To check out the sale, visit Gilt.com

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